Jan 13, 2013

kl: tonkatsu at tonkatsu

yeah the restaurant's name is quite creative eh? it's named tonkatsu too.  it has the same concept as yabu and saboten.

tonkatsu is the closest i can get to yabu and saboten so i tried it out to see how it fares.

the usual sesame seeds and tonkatsu sauce. i honestly don't think that the sesame seeds add anything to the tonkatsu sauce and this is not just in tonkatsu but also in yabu and saboten.

i got pork tonkatsu, can't remember if it was with or without fat. i read somewhere that the reason why tonkatsus are tender is because they are made up of thinly sliced pork, in this case it was really obvious. the meat was not dense enough so i reckon this was made with thinly sliced pork.

the rest of the meal with rice and miso soup.

it was okay, nothing to rave about good enough to satiate a tonkatsu craving but not the best that i've had.

pavilion mall
bukit bintang,

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