Nov 21, 2013

huevos rancheros or not

all of a sudden i had this craving for huevos rancheros but if you want to eat the real deal then it's quite cumbersome to do, i mean i need to make guacamole, i need to have nachos/tortilla and refried beans to make it really authentic.

i've resolved to just having "baked" eggs or something similar since i've seen some blog posts of a similar dish. so finally, i gave into my craving months after.

saute some chopped onions, put some canned chopped tomatoes (you can use any type of canned tomato in my opinion the key here is to have something saucy enough. you can even use tomato sauce and fresh chopped tomatoes but i was going for this certain effect so canned chopped tomatoes it was), put some seasoning i've used jalapeno, cayenne and oregano (the specks you see on the top of the eggs) maybe you can use other spices to make it either italian or mexican like basil or cumin, salt and of course the eggs. cover it if you want a certain level of doneness, for this dish i like my eggyolks a bit done on the outsides and just soft and creamy inside. i also topped this with cheese afterwards. perfect with garlic bread or any crusty bread heck you can dip your nachos in this as well.

"japanese" fried rice

this was actually just a hodge podge of left over ingredients i didn't want to spoil so i decided to make fried rice one day.

rice, chopped/fried veggie meat, shimeji mushrooms, spring onions, japanese soy sauce, egg omelette cut into thin strips and some shredded nori

Nov 5, 2013

shella makes: noodles :D

just wanted share these wonderful carbs i've cooked, one is western and the other is pinoy.

salmon and zucchini fettucini
inspired by tgi friday's cedar smoked salmon pasta (not sure about the name). this version is sans the cream but basically has the same ingredients as friday's.

garlic, fresh tomatoes, salmon, zucchini and italian parsley.


this is palabok, a filipino rice noodle dish. the sauce is made with garlic, ground pork, shrimp juice, annatto seeds, water and flour. there so many choices of toppings, mine had chicharon, egg, shrimp, spring onions and fried garlic.

Nov 1, 2013

my big gay rainbow cake

ever since i saw the rainbow cake of cake shack, i knew i had to try it. light, fluffy, colorful layers of buttercake with a cream cheese frosting. i initially wanted it with rainbow colored icing but other than the price, i realized that the colorful layers will not shine through if the icing is multi colored as well. luckily, there's an option to have a colored icing other than the traditional white one. got mine in yellow which was perfect. it was really good and you can see the brightness of the colors which other rainbow cakes out there fail to match (if they google they will know why their layers are not bright and colorful!). this was my birthday cake by the way hehe...good enough reason to buy a big cake isn't it?

cake shack