Nov 19, 2006

penny brown smackers

do you know who penny brown is? well don't know either. i just read anton's blog and i knew i just have to have them. i love ice cream sandwiches and what could be better than freshly baked cookies and f.i.c? so i made sure i got some smackers after work. i chose two cookies - oatmeal and white chocolate i actually wanted 2 oatmeal cookies since i thought they were the better choice but the white choco chips are just screaming at me. i chose raspberry for my ice cream. so what's the verdict? i still like tivoli's eskimo roll (am i right?) i forgot the name but there's an ice cream sandwich back then wherein the cookie has this light brown color. maybe because the cookies are soft...penny brown's weren't. actually the oatmeal cookie was crunchy so the ice cream sandwich wasn't that great. after tasting a "freshly made" ice cream sandwich i now know that the frozen ones are better. maybe because the cookies get soft and yet the ice cream is still in its solid form. but i'm not totally discouraging everyone to try it because they're still good. so you might wanna check them out at glorietta's food choices.

i still have long overdue posts but i hope i find the time to write about them. till next time.