Jun 25, 2011

little pantry

the little pantry is a cutesy resto with well uniformed female wait staff in an all pink dress. the interiors has a garden feel with picket fences and some outdoor umbrellas as dining tables. i don't know how to describe it but it's an inviting place especially for girls.we frequent this place because it's relatively near our office. here's a compilation of meals i had.

one of the tables inside the resto.

the dory lunch set served with soup, iced tea and dessert. still a favorite despite the under done disaster the last time i ordered it. this is also in the ala carte menu.

chicken chop

fall off the bones lamb shank is yummy.

seafood pasta

food is good but lacks consistency. we usually order the same items and when they come out we would end up with different garnishes. i ordered the seafood pasta twice and each time, it came out differently prepared. and i really hope they beef up their service because it's a bit slow. but despite these misses we still frequent the place. so you'd be the judge on whether this place is indeed worthy of revisits.

the little pantry
ioi mall
ldp hi-way

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Jun 19, 2011

kl: makanan laut lau heong

one pinoy food that can be had in malaysia is crispy pata. you can get it in some chinese or german restos. we usually frequent new paris in pj when we crave for one but this resto is a new discovery.

bitter gourd with egg - unlike the pinoy version this doesn't have onions and tomatoes. thinly sliced with no bitter taste (yes we love ampalaya and now we keep ordering it in any resto we go to).

crispy pork knuckle with a peanut based sauce (half serving). this is the unique thing about this resto they serve the pork with the sauce. i don't like the sauce much because it's a bit sweet but the skin is crispy and pork is tender. (found a similar resto that serves pork knuckles the same way and we like their sauce much better because it's more savory).

curry fish head - i have always wanted to try curry fish head but i have no one to share it with because it's always a huge serving. the curry is very mild so non-curry lovers can try this one. fish head is boney, but we've learned you can request a different part of the fish.

chicken wings - crispy fried chicken wings that has this unique flavor, i read in one blog that the flavor is from fermented bean curd. stinky tofu stinks but tastes good so i guess it translates to this dish as well.

can't remember the prices of the dishes except for the half pork knuckle which was only 20RM. as far as i can remember our bill was below 80RM that includes the drinks and rice.

makanan laut lau heong
43A-0-9 Jalan 3/48A
Bandar Baru Sentul, KL

at the jalan pahang roundabout
take the exit toward tawakal hospital
make a left at the intersection after the shell gas station
go straight after the traffic light in just a couple
of meters make a right to a one way narrow street.
the resto will be on the right

Jun 12, 2011

sg: pizzeria mozza

pizzeria mozza, is one of mario batali's restos at the marina bay sands. i believe that this is the most affordable celebrity resto at the marina bay sands. i just read so many good reviews that i knew i had to try it.

table setting was casual. the cutleries and serviette are in the envelope. i didn't like my seat though because the spotlight was pointing straight to my face.

freebie crisps served in paperbag. the crisps have strong flavors of cheese and herbs.

mozza caprese - not your typical insalata caprese. this one uses very soft mozzarella, topped with pesto and roasted tomatoes. i loved this. all the flavors work together.

meatballs - forgot the exact name. spicy meatballs which i really liked, the toasted garlic bread on top was perfectly seasoned.

funghi pizza - a variety of mushrooms that gave this pizza a burst of earthly flavors. nice crunchy dough which i really liked.

closer look at the pizza, it was actually huge substantive, good for two people to share.

first, you have to make reservations. the place is packed. we arrived there 10 minutes earlier and we were told that we were early, as such, no seats are available. we had to stroll around first and then they called us up minutes later. the service was great, the wait staff was very attentive of course some were pinoys similar to ps cafe. they set your expectation on food delivery a bit longer like the pizza but food comes relatively quick.

i would definitely come back. hopefully, with a much bigger appetite, there's roasted bone marrow to try or i might opt for the more expensive osteria mozza which has a different menu and just across the reception area.

pizzeria mozza
marina bay sands, singapore
here's their full menu

sg: ps cafe

i had no plans when i went to sg except to try wee nam kee, happy lemon and pizzeria mozza. random thought came into mind, i wanted truffle fries. we searched the web and found ps cafe. this is supposed to be a relatively popular resto with branches all over singapore. we decided to have brunch there.

i liked the ambiance of the place. it was rainy that morning, thus the gloomy outdoors. i liked the flower on our table and look at those sugar cubes.

closer look you have some spices in there too.

the truffle fries - i shouldn't be disappointed in a sense that i knew it was not homecut fries and probably just the frozen ones. what disappointed me was all i could taste is parmesan contrary to the reviews i've read. this really needs more flavor...more parsley perhaps and more truffle!!! i did not find any hints of truffle on these fries.

i forgot what this one is, i think this is the ps big bacon and eggs. we split the serving into two because this was huge! soft eggs, well seasoned mushrooms, spicy chorizo but a not so crispy bacon. the only downer were the bacon and the bread, i found it a bit chewy.

we had illy coffee to go with these. it was an opulent lazy brunch on a rainy saturday morning. but it felt perfect. service was great, the ambience was nice. we loved the house water which was served with all sorts of fruits and veggies (yeah i saw a slice of carrot in the pitcher) it gave the plain water some nice flavors mine has strong hints of strawberry which i loved.

ps cafe
palais, orchard road

sg: wee nam kee

ok i have too much backlog and honestly i am getting lazy. i'll do quickie posts and should prevent a lot of segue on this singapore series. when wee nam kee opened in manila, i said to myself i ought to try it. and what better place than singapore right? when i got to singapore we went straight to wee nam kee.

pardon the photos, i think my LX5 did good justice considering i did not use a flash and we were seated on the farthest table from the store by the road, thus no light - i could barely see what we were eating.

steamed chicken - we wanted to get the roasted one because according to reviews it was better than the steamed but they have ran out. actually, i prefer steamed compared to roasted i just hate it when it's not well cooked though. anyway, we got the breast part so everything was well cooked. what amazed me was how tender it was, i hate the breast part because it's too dry. but this one was so perfect it has a melt in your mouth texture. for the chicken rice itself, not that flavorful actually. i now know what other people are talking about.

cereal prawns - i don't think i've actually tried cereal prawns so i wanted to try this. i have no point of comparison but i like it. not oily and yet has this buttery flavor - planta galore!

i'll try to update this with the prices since this was my welcome to sg dinner sponsored by H =).

wee nam kee
novena ville
thomson road, singapore

sg: tako and matcha

been hooked on takoyaki lately. in kl, you can have ebi or unagi too but i haven't tried those. went to sg last weekend & i needed a light meal. opted for takoyaki, this one is crispy on the outside but dense and gooey in the inside. i am not sure about the gooey texture i think i prefer a lighter batter. this was actually 4 pcs hehe already ate one before i took a photo.

of course i've got to try happy lemon. got the green tea with rock salt and cheese. there's too much ice and i don't like the flowery green tea. i'll try other flavors next time but i really like the cheese :).

ion orchard
orchard road, singapore

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cherries and berries

just wanted to show what i got from the supermarket earlier.