Sep 26, 2010

good food

just a quick thought. i always believed that other than the cooking skills of the person preparing the food, ingredients count. it counts a lot, i remember before when my colleagues in company x are so amazed with my tuna sandwich. they keep asking me for the recipe, i simply said tuna, pickle relish and mayo. somehow they cannot replicate it. why? because they use different brands.

i love simple food. i don't mix in elaborate herbs to flavor my dishes, that's why i won't know what tarragon or sage tastes like. it makes me enjoy eating out more because i get amazed with the complexity of the flavors. anyway, moving back to what i wanted to say. i simply believe that if you get the best ingredients you can come up with the best dishes.

so please don't compromise especially if you can afford to buy the better brands because they make a difference =).

Sep 20, 2010

kl: daorae

daorae is a korean resto chain in kl. we saw a new branch open up in sri petaling above the toyota showroom across the shell gas station so we decided to have dinner there.

here's what we got. starting with the freebie appetizers or banchan.

got a variety of banchan that circled the grill, there's even a chawan mushi like dish at the upper left of the picture. my favorite was the seaweed that was pickled or more like kimchi but instead of cabbage they used seaweed.

another freebie is the panjeon or korean pancake. i think we ordered too much that's why we got this.

for the bbq we got the pork modum which in retrospect i find bloody expensive at 70RM. it's a combination of various cuts of pork.

but my favorite bbq is the gal bi sal, marinated beef ribs it was so tender and flavorful. i only have the cooked version already. this one was priced at 55RM, hmm another expensive dish come to think of it.

of course these came with the lettuce and the soybean paste and sesame oil.

other than these we got individual dishes as well hehee...hey i was dining with guys!

dolsot bibimbap at 19RM, this wasn't mine so i cannot comment. but looks good.

my favorite kimchi chigae (RM17), kimchi soup with tofu, vermicelli and streaky pork. love love this. finally found a good one here in kl.

now that i've looked back on the bill, it's definitely an expensive place. i'm used to eating at the korean restos in kl's korean town and the prices there are more affordable. only the kimchi chigae can make me go back to this place or if someone else is footing the bill ;).

jalan radin anum, sri petaling
kuala lumpur
(above the toyota showroom,
across the shell gas station)

Sep 8, 2010

kl: de foodland

my friends love this particular cheesy crab dish and they always crave for it. i've been here for more than a year and only recently was i able to try the place. all i can say is, it is indeed two thumbs up and better than restoran king crab.

salted egg bitter gourd - we love ampalaya, we love salted love this dish. this tops my ampalaya dish list next to the ampalaya salad our maid used to make for me which was uber perfect.

tofu with pork - one of the dishes we always order anywhere. my friend was actually thinking about this block of tofu topped with pork, i had to remind him it was from another resto we eat at.

steamed mantou - my first time to try it. basically just like siopao bread but more firm and dense. a healthier alternative compared to the fried ones. i thank r for ordering this - less calories!

cheesy crab!!!! cheesy, creamy and spicy perfect perfect perfect! love love this dish. no wonder they always crave for this.

the food was great, no misses on this outing. i forgot the prices already but if i'm not mistaken all these plus 3 drinks costs roughly around 90RM. not bad eh? the meal would have fed 4 people we had leftovers :( . i thank ovi maps for leading us to the right way. though we generally knew where we were going, we missed several turns, got lost somewhere in kepong and the handy dandy ovi maps lead us to the right place!!!

de foodland seafood restaurant
bandar sri mejalara, kuala lumpur

Sep 5, 2010

people's palace

i love thai food but somehow i never got the chance to dine at people's palace which is the best thai resto according to mbkrs. and yes, i still have a list based on the mbkrs winners a couple of years back. so let's see how this famous resto fares.

some drinks. first one is pandan, the next one i forgot. nice presentation for some pricey drinks well it's so typical that restos charge a heap for their drinks especially my pandan juice...i can make this at home! yeah yeah i am paying for the ambiance and service too.

speaking of service...i like that they have bag hooks which customers can use.

moving on. here's our chow. prawn and pomelo coconut salad. huge fresh prawns, refreshing pomelo with roasted coconut which went well together.

prawn cakes - packed with prawns but can you see the's not golden, they used old cooking oil :(

phad thai - my thai staple. it's good. i love the chilli peppers and chopped peanuts, i like the presentation - bean sprouts adding height to the dish.

the dishes were priced at around 300PHP plus or minus. the servings weren't really big. for groups i would recommend soms. for reliable thai fare at affordable prices i still remain loyal to muang thai. simply put, people's palace is a high end thai resto which you could never go wrong with.

p.s. the place is packed all the time...dunno if it was just because it's friday night. make reservations.

people's palace
greenbelt 3

Sep 4, 2010

dining @ uncle cheffy's

my dinners were not driven by a list but more of logistics. had to meet up with c and the most convenient place for us would be eastwood. it was also a chance to check out the new eastwood mall and of course the restos. i've read a couple of reviews about several restos there but i opted for uncle cheffy.

so here's what we got.

panizza - first time to eat one. i forgot what flavor we ordered but this one has anchovies which had the right amount to give some punch to a very cheesy pizza. came with chopped tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and arugula. not a fan of rocket but i loved the alfalfa sprouts.

1kg baby back ribs - yup that's what the menu says. i was a bit apprehensive ordering this but they said it was just the bones and of course 2 persons cannot really finish it. meat falling off the bones with some greens on the side and marble potatoes. liked this one too...i also like the sauces that came with it especially the pesto looking sauce which i think was made of parsley.

it was a nice meal, not really mind blowing but i think they were fairly priced. i forgot the prices the pizza was around 300++ and the ribs 500++ the meal would have been perfect for even four people.

uncle cheffy
eastwood mall
libis, qc