Sep 5, 2010

people's palace

i love thai food but somehow i never got the chance to dine at people's palace which is the best thai resto according to mbkrs. and yes, i still have a list based on the mbkrs winners a couple of years back. so let's see how this famous resto fares.

some drinks. first one is pandan, the next one i forgot. nice presentation for some pricey drinks well it's so typical that restos charge a heap for their drinks especially my pandan juice...i can make this at home! yeah yeah i am paying for the ambiance and service too.

speaking of service...i like that they have bag hooks which customers can use.

moving on. here's our chow. prawn and pomelo coconut salad. huge fresh prawns, refreshing pomelo with roasted coconut which went well together.

prawn cakes - packed with prawns but can you see the's not golden, they used old cooking oil :(

phad thai - my thai staple. it's good. i love the chilli peppers and chopped peanuts, i like the presentation - bean sprouts adding height to the dish.

the dishes were priced at around 300PHP plus or minus. the servings weren't really big. for groups i would recommend soms. for reliable thai fare at affordable prices i still remain loyal to muang thai. simply put, people's palace is a high end thai resto which you could never go wrong with.

p.s. the place is packed all the time...dunno if it was just because it's friday night. make reservations.

people's palace
greenbelt 3


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    People's Palace is too pretentious for me and the food just isn't worth it. I agree that Som's gives you a better deal with regard to both flavor and authenticity, though I won't say no to Jatujak or Thai Mien. :)

  2. i didn't like jatujak's phad thai...that was in the sm the block branch if im not mistaken i havent tried moa though. where's thai mien?