Sep 4, 2010

dining @ uncle cheffy's

my dinners were not driven by a list but more of logistics. had to meet up with c and the most convenient place for us would be eastwood. it was also a chance to check out the new eastwood mall and of course the restos. i've read a couple of reviews about several restos there but i opted for uncle cheffy.

so here's what we got.

panizza - first time to eat one. i forgot what flavor we ordered but this one has anchovies which had the right amount to give some punch to a very cheesy pizza. came with chopped tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and arugula. not a fan of rocket but i loved the alfalfa sprouts.

1kg baby back ribs - yup that's what the menu says. i was a bit apprehensive ordering this but they said it was just the bones and of course 2 persons cannot really finish it. meat falling off the bones with some greens on the side and marble potatoes. liked this one too...i also like the sauces that came with it especially the pesto looking sauce which i think was made of parsley.

it was a nice meal, not really mind blowing but i think they were fairly priced. i forgot the prices the pizza was around 300++ and the ribs 500++ the meal would have been perfect for even four people.

uncle cheffy
eastwood mall
libis, qc

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