Aug 17, 2010

hopping on the goose station

b and i love sampling menus and since i'm back we ought to have one. there were two options and we chose the goose station by rob pengson and sunshine puey. it's not in the greater fort area it's better to go to the W building via kalayaan but whichever suits you would be fine. there's no outside parking but they have allotted slots in the basement, you just have to ask manong guard.

we opted for the signature menu at 2500 PHP which is an 8 course meal if i'm not mistaken. we split everything. here's our table setting...liked the red glasses which provide contrast with the white linens.

complimentary bread and butter - found it sad actually. lonely sliced piece of bread with butter served on a nice capiz dish.

foie cone - thin barquillos like cone stuffed with foie gras...not for the non foie gras lover

potato glass, truffle puff and savory macaron - for some amuse bouche my palate wasn't really amused.

caviar surprise - alaskan king crab in white asparagus flan with prawn jelly topped with caviar. the caviar gave a nice salty contrast to the creamy subtle flan....surprisingly they all worked together but too big for one person to finish.

eggs benedict - poached egg, hollandaise foam, truffle oil and bacon tuile. wished there was more tuile hehehe but also another so so dish...nothing really popped in my mouth. maybe it was a dish to cleanse the palate after the salty caviar surprise...but really nothing exciting.

beet garden - beets, orange, micro greens. the jelly beet roll and those two macaron looking beets are stuffed with a cream cheese filling which i loved because i love cream cheese...but other than that this dish didn't really amuse me.

foie gras terrine - topped with unagi which provided a nice contrast. wish there's more brioche because this was one is a bit too heavy. it's like eating chunks of foie gras.

fideua negra - squid ink fideos with roasted scallop and some aioli. unique dish nothing i've tried but still didn't give me an impression.

24 hour steak - short rib, truffle mashed potatoes with crisp onions. finally! something to rave about, the steak was perfectly cooked and the sides just pulled the entire dish together.

yogurt foam with granola mint and berries - liked this one, the yogurt wasn't too tart and simply because i am not a choco lover =).

chocolate candy bar - nice and rich chocolatey bar...perfect for the chocolate lovers.

after these we got another freebie macaron - it was a sweet and savory macaron if my memory serves me right.

so i guess, with what i've written you pretty much know what i think about this place. maybe it's just me because i've read good reviews of the place but this one doesn't make the cut. by far, aubergine still tops my list. i didn't have any ooooohs or aaaaaahs like my aubergine meal which simply tells me that the food isn't as awesome as i hoped for. there's an express set with is 5 course meal, which is consequently cheaper and i reckon is perfect for one person since the serving sizes are not huge.

the goose station
w building
the fort, global city


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Considering Chef Rob's reputation and the amount of press revolving around Goose Station, your review is making me think twice before actually going there.

  2. yeah i was disappointed...i don't know if it was just my palate but my friend wasn't impressed as well. i can't help but compare it with aubergine, aubergine alone serves several types of rolls wrapped in a bread basket to keep them warm then they come once in a while to your table to ask if you want a refill and i like that fact that certain items are automatically split into two which shows you how big the servings are compared to the goose station. anyway, lemme know your thought once you tried either of the two.