Mar 26, 2012

kajang: satay feast on a saturday

satay is basically skewered grilled meat served with a peanut sauce dip. kajang is known all over malaysia as the satay capital, it's around 50 km south of kl.

after years of living here, we have never really made an effort to try the satay in kajang and we are usually satisfied with getting our fix in kl. you might think it's no big deal but we are foodies, we have travelled to klang to get the best bak kut teh, we drove to ipoh to try their dimsum, had a taste of the famous penang char kway teow and had the best cendol in malaysia in melaka. i've done those things except for eating satay in kajang, furthermore it's close to my friends' office. yeah, they work in the "province" hehe so it would have been really easy for us to go and eat there.

anyway, last saturday was d day. of course we did some research. the famous one is haji samuri with the biggest chain all over the country but recent reviews said that they don't cook their satay fresh and just reheat them, which is a major no no for us. so we tried the next best thing. nyok lan satay. yeah it's owned by a chinese but really had great reviews so we opted for it.

after some circling around kajang because google map directions were not reliable grrr. we found the place. perfect timing since it was right before dinner time, minutes after we got seated people started pouring in.

we got everything! satay is traditionally chicken and beef, but they have already made innovations and used other meats so here's what we got.

the peanut sauce dip has some sambal to give a nice contrast from the sweet sauce. some ketupat, sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves but sometimes they are just plain rice cubes which is traditionally eaten with satay. there's also some cucumber which is a traditional side dish with satay as well.

chicken and beef - the traditional flavors. the chicken is dry for me, maybe because they just use breast meat. the beef was good it was tender and it was actually quite big compared to the chicken and they both costs 80 cents.

fish and kambing (1.30 RM per stick) - the fish is dory and it had this fishy aftertaste but a welcomed break from the traditional chicken and beef. the kambing was also tender, loved it. it's one of my favorite satay meats they did it well, tender with no gamey taste.

duck (1.30rm per stick)- this was heart. the best for me. it was tender, no gamey aftertaste it was soooooo good.

so was the trip worth it? well for the duck satay it was. i can have a similar tasting satay kambing in one of the joints in kl that we frequent but the duck satay was love...really love.

nyok lan satay kajang
31 jalan semenyih
kajang, selangor

it's the red dot on the map. after the kajang hospital it's the corner shop right after the overpass.