Feb 28, 2005

UPDATED:doughnuts or donuts?

Whichever way you spell it, people anywhere would know what you're talking about. What are donuts anyway? According to Webster it is a ring shaped cake fried in fat . That doesn't seem very enticing. Donuts are tasty treats usually partnered with a cup of coffee...you can definitely get both wherever you can buy donuts. I don't know the history of donuts but it seems that it has been a common fixture to the American breakfast on the go.

So what's the big deal about donuts? Well recently, there has been a donut frenzy in Manila. The global name which is synonymous to doughnuts - Dunkin Donuts, has dominated the market for quite a long time now. However, in recent years Mister Donut, a local brand has come to the challenge of providing different types of donuts. Donuts used to be just the ring-shaped dough, fried and frosted with different flavors but Mister Donut introduced a cake like donut which have a different texture and with more fancy flavors. But it did not end here, a new comer in the block gained popularity...leading patrons to fall in line even for hours. Gonuts Donuts serves doughnuts that has a different feel to the palate. Nothing extraordinary except for the famous Dulce de Leche flavor which they always run out and a finer texture which makes it more smoother to the bite. But then amidst the towering condominiums in Katipunan another donut shop is making waves. The store is Cello's. It serves freshly made donuts and I mean really fresh, because you can see how they make each donut straight from the frying grid. You cannot get donuts as fresh as theirs. Oh I forgot to mention another donut shop that sells good eclairs, I'm talking about Country Style. I prefer it over Dunkin because they simply have better tasting donuts. Well, I don't know when will the donut frenzy die down and till when will these new donut stores thrive. But there's one thing I'm sure, I'll be waiting to get a taste of Krispy Kreme. Well till next time. Btw, below are may donut faves.

Finally got a bite of KK...well not just recently when they opened up in Manila last year. What can I say? Simply the best...actually the freshly made ones are the best right out of the coveyor belt. Love it!

Dunkin Donuts: Butternut
Country Style: Chocolate Eclairs
Mister Donut: Creamy Crown
Gonuts Donuts: Dulce de Leche
Cello's: Cheese
Krispy Kreme: Orginal Glaze