Jun 20, 2010

kl: pappa rich

oh gheez it's been a long time since i blogged. i've been pretty busy =). i decided to write a post on pappa rich, my current favorite kopi tiam. kopi tiams are basically coffee shops that serve local fare other than coffee and toasted bread. so here's the stuff i've eaten recently not in one visit of course.

teh ais with coffee jelly - signs of western influences i guess. teh ais is cold teh tarik (milk tea) and now they offer it with coffee jelly...yummy

char kway teow - a staple food item, flat rice noodles with cockles, prawns, bean sprouts and garlic chives. i like this version compared to the hawker ones. well it's just because this one looks clean and fresh but of course it doesn't have the bbq/charcoal flavor which a good ckt should have. compared to madam kwan's this one is better because it's less oily but the noodles are a bit overcooked. madam kwan's on the other hand, have more ingredients.

pappa rich chicken chop - chicken chops are famous here served fried with sides of fries or in this case fried rice and egg. finally decided to try this because my friend kept saying this is close to jollibee's chicken joy. well it sorta was except for the peppery gravy.

the number one kopi tiam in kl is old town, famous for their white coffee and their kaya toast. i thought i already blogged about it but apparently i haven't. i'll make one soon, i hope. anyway, people are saying that pappa rich is gaining popularity and i guess it's because the menu is more extensive than good ol' old town but i guess it really depends on what you're craving for. for pinoys in kl, try the chicken chop when craving for chicken joy. for pinoys visiting kl, if you don't have time for hawker fare and the long line at madam kwan's is not worth the wait then you might opt to get your ckt at pappa rich.

pappa rich
the gardens, midvalley