Jan 31, 2005

savvy gravy

gravy is one of my favorite condiments...best paired with mashed potatoes and chicken which are some of my all time favorites. here's my gravy recipe.

- butter (for extra creaminess user dari creme with buttermilk)
- cornstarch (you can use flour but cornstarch has a glossy finish)
- campbell's cream of mushroom (soup form already so you can easily measure how much thickening agent you'll need)
- knorr seasoning

melt the butter in a saucepan. add the cornstarch.this will create a roux (paste texture) then add the mushroom soup. then put the seasoning for color. try to taste it to see it needs some salt or more seasoning or if you want to put some pepper. and voila you'll have one of the best gravy you have ever tried.

Jan 29, 2005

the wonders of sour cream

sour cream is my recent discovery. i love eating sour cream n onion flavored potato chips...i love it on my nachos served with salsa but now i love it even more.

i haven't really tried buying sour cream from the grocery due to the lack of inspiring recipes to use it with. then one day i saw it in the refrigerator..apparently it's part of my mom's diet. i took a peek thought of putting some spring onions, after all the most famous combination is sour cream n onion. but i doubted the simple combination and added more...a dash of cayenne...some garlic powder..salt..and to be more fancy some parmesan. oh well that was a wrong choice...the parmesan is not a good match for sour cream...it makes the mixture a bit bitter to the taste...but over all i enjoyed my new concoction.

well that was the start..i am totally hooked to this new sauce...it's my new favorite and i think it's a healthier alternative to my all time favorite mayo. the sour cream is just fun to work with...dip for vegetable sticks...chips...sauce in my burrito inspired wraps...i think it will also be good with fried foods..well till my next discovery..i can't wait.

enchiladas Posted by Hello


i'm such a foodie so i decided to create a separate blog for one of my passions. the dictionary definition of food is so boring contrary what it is all about.i think you can classify food into different sets of varieties not just the typical go, glow and grow or the simple categorization of the nutrients they could provide carbohydrates, fats and all those scientific terms.

well hopefully i'd be able to share my thoughts on the food i like...my experiments in the kitchen...and anything about food from yummy oysters, healthy organic rice to instant noodles and those unhealthy junk food. :)