Oct 27, 2008

seattle's best

this post is a perfect upper for my indolent blogging behavior. i just haven't gotten enough groove to write again. in the meantime, i'd like to share some photos from my favorite coffee place - sbc or seattle's best coffee, even its acronym is similar to starbucks.

i like sbc's blend because it's sweeter, though i noticed the greenbelt branch to have a much sweeter blend than the usual. my favorite drink is javanilla which has now evolved to several variants and not just the plain old rich javanilla which i deem was packed with vanilla ice cream making it uber yummy.

they have rich and great tasting pastries. i shared these with some friends. we had black forest which had a decadent chocolate frosting and a dense but not too rich cheesecake which is a perfect match to our drinks.

and just recently, i had latte and look at the designs they made on top...dunno if this is normal for lattes or they made it as such to differentiate the syrup added. but for a coffee shop chain i wouldn't expect such presentation.

seattle's best
greenbelt 3

Oct 22, 2008


this place has been in the podium for quite a long time now. i knew it was owned by jason webb who is one of my favorite dlsu pointguards. but still, i wasn't able to find enough reason to dine here. until recently, since i've read quite a number of reviews.

we got some freebie green tea.

yaku platter PHP 180++ (negima, okra, uzura, asparamaki, butabara, gindara) - if you can't decide what you want to get. you can opt for the yaku platter which has several items. it has chicken, okra, quail eggs, asparagus wrapped in bacon/beef not sure on that one, pork belly and gindara with a spicy radish sauce on top.

uzra bacon (PHP90++) - yummy!!! quail eggs wrapped in bacon...cholesterol overload. the soft egg and tender bacon is a perfect match but be forewarned that it's too rich.

rebaa (PHP70++) - chicken liver. nothing fancy it's just good ol chicken liver with a hint of a sweet bbq sauce.

seafood teppanyaki (PHP 260++) - has a sweet sauce. not fit for those who are not keen on sweet food. the presentation is a miss. it's just a hodge podge of seafoods on a sizzling plate. also, the squid rings are so thin that you wouldn't think it's squid. not aesthetically appealing but a promising dish.

it has a nice ambiance, affordable food - a perfect place to hangout post shopping.

the podium

Oct 9, 2008

royce' in manila

for the royce' lovers out there. finally, they're opening a store in rockwell this november.

got the news from chuvaness

Oct 5, 2008

grill queen: the bbq master

i am such a grill queen regular. i've gotten mixed reviews on this place, but from where i get my grill queen fix, you're guaranteed to have good bbq all the time.

for this visit, i got chicken gizzard and tail and tofu. yup tofu is one of their bestsellers. it's not marinated but the bbq sauce used while cooking it gives it ample flavor. as for the gizzard, it came nicely cooked, not rubbery at all. the chicken tail is fatty but delish...cholesterol overload.

my other favorite aside from the tofu is the boneless bangus. it is marinated well that it becomes flavorful and the belly part is to die for. no pic for that unfortunately.

i suggest you check out their maginhawa branch in teacher's village in up diliman. there are two branches along that road, i frequent the bigger one next to the vida doria outlet store. it's a house turned into a resto and grillery. during peak hours such as lunch and dinner, they bring out the containers of various meats and seafoods from which you can choose from. even if you don't see it on the display just ask for any item in the menu as long as it's not tagged as unavailable.

grill queen

maginhawa street

teacher's village, up diliman