Jul 22, 2016

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hi everyone! i'm actually back in manila. but sadly, i've been a bad foodie blogger. i've just updated this blog to include my instagram feed. i reckon it is more up to date. you can still visit this blog for the feed or just simply follow me on instagram @shelliebeans888. it's still my personal account so pardon some of the personal posts. cheers!

hk: kam's roast goose

kam's roast goose hails from the family who owns yung kee, which used to be the best roasted goose in hongkong, well based on the reviews i've read. yung kee has become pricey and let's say commercialized so i steered away from it. and since kam recently got its michelin star, i thought it would be the better alternative to yung kee and it would probably taste the same.

oh gheez, what can i say. it was such a disappointment. it was so chewy and i had to consume half a goose. oh yeah! they said they ran out of smaller portions and i can just buy half a goose, really??? haha maybe it's a marketing plot. i got there close to opening time how can they not have smaller portions. but i digress, i was really disappointed. and the meat is floating in the juices. i dunno if the juices came separately or because the goose were chopped too early/while it is still hot.

and i'm not sure if they gave me the wrong noodles but i ordered the signature noodles which was highly recommended and it was meh. at this point, i was really dismayed i finished my meal early and took everything to go. well i guess i don't have to sum it all up, you get the drift. 

kam's roast goose
po wah commercial centre
226 hennessy road, wanchai