Jul 18, 2008

freezy at yoh-gurt froz

here's another froyo fix. yoh-gurt froz is found at the thompson square parking lot along tomas morato and as far as i can remember they recently opened branches at robinson's galleria robinson's place ermita and sm moa.

yoh-gurt froz is basically softserve yogurt ice cream. it has more variety compared to yogurbud. the texture is more fine and it's creamy without much of the tangy yogurt flavor. the flavors are infused by blending the frozen fruits with plain ice cream.

here's a langka and cheese cone. very filipino in flavor not as creamy as your normal ice cream but delish and healthy.

the fruity froz is a combination of blended yogurt and actual fruit pieces. again, another disappointment because of the frozen fruits. heard that white hat now offers froyo with fresh fruits which i have yet to try.

i like this better than yogurbud because of its texture in my palate. i hope they could do something about the fruits. it's really better with fresh fruits.

yoh-gurt froz
thompson square
tomas morato

nasi lemak

nasi lemak is a malaysian dish but this resto in qc claims to be singaporean. they offer several asian cuisines and claims to not use msg, which i deem is probably true.

some freebies, prawn/squid crackers similar to the ones you get from matahari but much much thinner.

got some beef and wonton noodles. it is noticeable that the wontons were served in a separate bowl. the beef was tender with enough litid but had too much fat. broth was flavorful but did not have enough salt.

also got nasi goreng. this one is a disappointment - yang chow with dilis. i remember the nasi goreng i had in the uk and it was flavorful, moist with lots of spices and sauces used and with loads of ingredients.

tried the steamed fish as well. lapu lapu fillets with a light soy sauce and shredded ginger. there wasn't enough ginger flavor. i now find cream of dory perfect for such dishes because of its melt in the mouth texture. would still prefer zhu's over this one.

one of their bestsellers is honey glazed ribs. it was very tender, meat falling of the bones. loved this one even though it was a bit "matabang" for my taste.

this is what i noticed in all the dishes we tried, there's not enough salt, they were flavorful but not enough saltiness which in a way makes the dishes seem bland or maybe it's just my palate. overall, it wasn't bad. would still come back and probably try other dishes.

nasi lemak
thompson square
tomas morato, qc

Jul 7, 2008

yogurt fix at yogurbud

with cold spoon in pampanga and iloveberries that's only found in bazaars and private parties/events, froyo seems to be sprouting everywhere.

yogurbud is one of the two commercially available froyo in the metro. there are branches at the podium, megamall and at tomas morato.

yogurbud serves softserve yogurt ice cream with fruits or other toppings like nuts, marshmallows and choco chips. i got the banana and mango combination. i wanted strawberries but they were out.

the ice cream is icy, not soft and creamy. it has the distinct yogurt taste which is a little bit sour and the fruits are frozen except for the banana which was chopped fresh. the texture and flavor was fine with me since i love yogurt but i was quite disappointed with the toppings. i was expecting ice monster with yogurt ice cream sans the ice. the freshness of the fruits will definitely make it more appealing to the palate given that the ice cream is served plain.

they also serve flavored yogurt spreads that come in a variety of flavors and some bread and pastries.

the podium
tomas morato

Jul 4, 2008

korean @ koreano

a dinner reroute led us to makati ave. i want something spicy and there were loads of korean restos in the vicinity. but which one? g called up her colleague and asked where sam oh's family resto is ( for those who don't know her she's the korean host in etc who has now moved to qtv).

this option is fail proof since it's guaranteed to be authentic given that sam oh's aunt owns the place. luckily we found it.

when we got seated, i immediately noticed the wrapped spoons. how sanitary could it get?

we got the usual free appetizers. my favorites are the pickled cucumber and the pickled ampalaya and radish. the flavor of the kangkong is unique and interesting - would have loved it warm.

we got the sang gyup sal (PHP 200++). thin pork slices wrapped in lettuce with red soybean paste.

i prefer thinner slices of pork. this one is a bit thick which makes it harder to wrap and roll.

this is the first time i encountered sesame leaves. i didn't like the taste, think fresh oregano - almost the same texture but milder in flavor.

for something spicy we got the squid (PHP 200++). this is a winner. we love the flavor of the dish, a good balance of sweet, spicy and salty. we even used the sauce and added them in our sang gyup sal wraps. the squid is also tender. i know i will be craving for this dish.

it was a good meal. we got what we came for. our palates were satiated, i ought to eat more korean to know which one serves the best dishes.

koreano restaurant
mariano st.

(from makati ave turn right to gen. luna
the corner where wendy's is. then right to mariano,
the first street on the right)