Jul 7, 2008

yogurt fix at yogurbud

with cold spoon in pampanga and iloveberries that's only found in bazaars and private parties/events, froyo seems to be sprouting everywhere.

yogurbud is one of the two commercially available froyo in the metro. there are branches at the podium, megamall and at tomas morato.

yogurbud serves softserve yogurt ice cream with fruits or other toppings like nuts, marshmallows and choco chips. i got the banana and mango combination. i wanted strawberries but they were out.

the ice cream is icy, not soft and creamy. it has the distinct yogurt taste which is a little bit sour and the fruits are frozen except for the banana which was chopped fresh. the texture and flavor was fine with me since i love yogurt but i was quite disappointed with the toppings. i was expecting ice monster with yogurt ice cream sans the ice. the freshness of the fruits will definitely make it more appealing to the palate given that the ice cream is served plain.

they also serve flavored yogurt spreads that come in a variety of flavors and some bread and pastries.

the podium
tomas morato


  1. i saw a store in market! market! selling frozen yogurt too... the same store selling dulcelin mango torte. i dunno what brand though :P

  2. interesting...might wanna try bulla. it's yogurt ice cream. creamy and delish...comes in several variants. usually available at s&r and dippin dots.

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Addict si Dennis right now with Yogurbud! We like it better than yohgurt-froz which we find too creamy. Yogurbud is very light & tangy. Parang lalong sumasarap after every balik. heheheh

  4. depends sa mood cguro. i've tried yohgurt-froz na ren which i liked better. speaking of which, i have not yet posted that one because i lost several drafts, i thought nabackup ko at hindi pala. tsk tsk.

    so how's canberra?