Jul 18, 2008

nasi lemak

nasi lemak is a malaysian dish but this resto in qc claims to be singaporean. they offer several asian cuisines and claims to not use msg, which i deem is probably true.

some freebies, prawn/squid crackers similar to the ones you get from matahari but much much thinner.

got some beef and wonton noodles. it is noticeable that the wontons were served in a separate bowl. the beef was tender with enough litid but had too much fat. broth was flavorful but did not have enough salt.

also got nasi goreng. this one is a disappointment - yang chow with dilis. i remember the nasi goreng i had in the uk and it was flavorful, moist with lots of spices and sauces used and with loads of ingredients.

tried the steamed fish as well. lapu lapu fillets with a light soy sauce and shredded ginger. there wasn't enough ginger flavor. i now find cream of dory perfect for such dishes because of its melt in the mouth texture. would still prefer zhu's over this one.

one of their bestsellers is honey glazed ribs. it was very tender, meat falling of the bones. loved this one even though it was a bit "matabang" for my taste.

this is what i noticed in all the dishes we tried, there's not enough salt, they were flavorful but not enough saltiness which in a way makes the dishes seem bland or maybe it's just my palate. overall, it wasn't bad. would still come back and probably try other dishes.

nasi lemak
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tomas morato, qc


  1. hi! was in malaysia recently and got to try the nasi lemak in one of the more famous resto there. it was very spicy!

    keep blogging.

  2. thanks for the visit.