Mar 6, 2007

touristy as you can get

this is the last of my sf foodtrip entries. boudin is famous for their clam chowder and i ought to try it before i leave or else my sf trip will not be complete. we dined at the resto where you could get more than just the clam chowder and sourdough bread. the food is quiet pricey but they were worth it well not really something you will rave about but they were good. pam had fish and chips with anchor steam (sf beer) batter, salmon with brussels spouts (picked on jason's dish because i have never tried brussels sprouts) and mine was crab cakes (yum yum).

the famous clam chowder (mini serving only)

anchor steam battered fish and chips


crabcakes..the beans were so sweet

Mar 4, 2007

great friday dinner

i have been wanting to go to omakase ever since i read it at lori's blog. but for some reason i have not made the trip. once, when were all set to have dinner, we found out it was closed already (don't ask me why we were gonna have dinner at around 10pm).

last friday c and i had to go somewhere and we had to drop by a place before heading home. so i asked b where to go to and she said omakase. well, i had the same thing on mind. i was so excited since the place was not full when we got there and we got immediately seated. soon enough the place was simply know that it's a good resto. anyway, i had the jurrasic. but i know that it wasn't enough. so had to order something else. we got the seafood dumpling and squid teppan with matching garlic and plain rice. yes, c doesn't wanna share rice because we were starving by then and she thought we could finish one order of rice each plus the maki. of course she was wrong. half way to the meal we were already full. talk about being takaw mata. maybe we just overestimated our appetites. the meal was great and i couldn't say anything more.

the jurassic

squid teppan

seafood dumpling