Jun 1, 2014

antwerp: frituur no. 1

aside from waffles, the belgians are known for their frites. probably the origins of "french fries." frituur no 1 is known to be one of the best in antwerp, luckily they serve other food items so we decided to just eat here for lunch.

a mountain of frites, this was just a small size that 3 of us didn't even finish. i ordered it with the traditional mayo. the mayo is not too thick, i'm convinced there's a little mustard there or maybe the egg they used is just really orangey giving the prominent yellow hue. honestly? i wasn't impressed, it was just normal fries for me. i was expecting this soft pillowy insides and a crunchy outside but that didn't happen. ohhh but you can taste the beef fat! yes, they fry it in beef lard...utterly sinful.

they offer sausages and other items, these are the only fresh items they have, basically like deep fried kebabs. they have chicken, pork and beef they deep fry it and then sprinkle some spice mix. if you ask me, don't order this because the meats get dried up i should have been unhealthy and ordered a sausage instead.

frituur no 1
very close to the grote markt

antwerp: the best waffles i've ever had

i did some research on where to get the best waffles in antwerp but the weather and schedule didn't permit it us to try the place. spent most hours inside the antwerpen train station and luckily there's a waffle stall inside.

you can choose the toppings you want or you can just choose from the default ones. i chose this from the display, it's just topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. it was sooooo good. i've never had waffles like this, and this was just a stall in the train station! there are two types of belgian waffles, brussels and liege. liege are more dense, buttery and sweet - this was a liege waffle...yums.

antwerp central train station
near starbucks