Mar 26, 2006

ueshima coffee co.

what's ueshima coffee co.? it's popularly known as UCC. i was really wondering what's the buzz about this coffee shop. people say that this coffee shop/resto serve good food as well. they serve unique and expensive coffee blends which i haven't tried. but i promise myself that soon i will. anyway when i went there i had to try the famous seafood salad. i read it in one of the newspaper articles and i just had to try.

this was just a half serving. you can have the salad split into two if you need to share it.

the smoothies collection was also tempting so instead of having hot drinks we opted for these. choco banana and orea smoothies.

the salad was has tempura, fried scallops, crabsticks and ebikko, it was really a seafood feast. we also had this burger with curry something. i must admit it didn't go well with the salad but the humongous patty was really tender. but of course i ought to try their coffee soon. the recommended ones are the royal european coffee (170+) best with coffee sugar (as my friend always reminds me) and the jamaican blue mountain (there are two variants the cheap and more expensive one).

it was a great meal i didn't regret burning a hole in my pocket. every foodie ought to try this place especially the seafood salad...superb!

additional food items at ucc.

fruit parfait

banana toasts - to die for! perfect breakfast meal with a cup of coffee

royal european coffee my perfect cup though i still have to try the jamaican blue mountain...don't forget your coffee sugar and milk

paseo center
sm the block

Mar 4, 2006

a red kimono and cascading water

a couple of blogs ago i said that i had a change of heart regarding japanese food. as such, when i saw the red kimono on TV my heart just simply leaped...that's an exaggeration. but i had to call my fellow foodie to try the place. actually this is a make or break for the credibility of a particular tv show. we've tried some of their featured restos and we weren't impressed. so after a couple of weeks we eventually found the time to go there.all i can say is the meal was great except for the sake which i'm not gonna try out again.

we had california crunch which is california maki coated with batter and deep fried. we also had crunchy ebi maki which was just ebi maki rolled on crispy japanese bread crumbs. the sizzling tofu was also great (being tofu fanatics) and the mixed kamameshi was also great. and to top it off we had ice cream tempura which was basically fried ice cream. the meal was superb and it was worth it.

crunchy ebi maki

speaking of makis. i had dinner the other night in cascada and thanks to my friend who ordered deep fried maki i did not miss out on one of the best makis ever. unlike the one i had in red kimono this one was served without the usual soy sauce and wasabi but just drizzled with a mango and balsamic sauce if i remembered it right. anyway too bad i forgot to take pictures. the place is quite pricey, not sure if it's considered fine dining. but the food was great so i guess it was worth it.