Dec 25, 2006

viva italia!

i was watching martha stewart one night and she mentioned barilla, which is supposed to be the best pasta brand the in the whole world. i never thought i would find it here. i stopped by santis the other day and lo and behold i found them. i was like a kid in a candy store. i was so amazed that i got some pasta and a bottle of sauce.

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oopsy the price tag is still now you know how much it costs

the pasta tastes good, i can't describe it but it seems flavorful, i don't know if it's just psychological but it tastes better. the sauce didn't disappoint me either. i believe it was the perfect italian blend it wasn't sour at all -- or did i tweaked it? i forgot but as far as i can remember it doesn't have the strong flavor your get when you buy pre-made sauces.

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for pasta lovers barilla is a must.