Dec 29, 2011

eat my gf

eat my gf is the creative name of this new food booth at the food choices. it means garlic fries. it had good reviews from the UTT (ultimate taste test) so i was keen on trying it.

i was so disappointed. the fries are the typical frozen ones...mcdo's even better! and the garlic, basil and parsley didn't give that much flavor. ok, i have high standards on garlic fries after trying out hooters', their garlic fries were awesome and this is no where near that. you pay for what you get i guess.

eat my gf
food choices

Dec 28, 2011

kl: snowflake

feels like im on a blogging marathon. i've just realized i have too much backlog. anyhoo, here's snowflake. a taiwanese dessert chain. very "hot" in kl, there's always a long line. most of my friends are not impressed. i am not overly obsessed compared to milkteas but because i like bilo bilo i enjoy snowflake.

i thought this was the bestseller but now it seems like a different flavor. the bestseller doesn't have the sago it has grass jelly instead with the ice at the bottom unlike this one. i like those white/orange taro balls...not a fan of the sweet potato, this one is served with milk/cream which you pour on top. and viola you have taiwanese dessert.

p.s. i checked the website and this is the taro balls series.

pavilion, bukit bintang

katsu treat at yabu

i've read several reviews on the famous katsu resto, saboten, which unfortunately i have not yet tried. i'd have to settle for similar places until i get to singapore or hongkong or better yet japan for it.

on 11.11.11 yabu opened in megamall. it has a similar concept. basically, a restaurant that specializes in katsu, deep fried breaded pork, fish/seafood or chicken. so i told myself i had to try it. here's the famous sesame seeds which you need to grind before mixing with the tonkatsu sauce.

my mixed seafood katsu with hire - pork seafood and veggies. served with bottomless shredded cabbage with either sesame dressing or ponzu.

there are two types of tonkatsu, hire which is tenderloin and rosu which has a small amount of fat. i was apprehensive about the hire but i thought wrong, it was extremely tender that one would think it has fat in it. it is indeed a healthier alternative. the mixed seafood is made up of dory, scallop and ebi. my first plate was a miss, the dory was uncooked in the middle. they replaced my entire plate except for the rice, which meant i had a free refill of the miso soup and an additional eggplant tempura because i've finished mine already :D.

the hire was love, it was very tender. the seafood seemed to be fresh but somehow after the meal i felt itchy which means one of the items wasn't really fresh. i also found the katsu a bit oily like it was cooked at a wrong temperature and if you notice the darker color it kinda hinted that they used a relatively old cooking oil. i'd have to say that they need to ensure the quality of their katsus, after all that's basically what they serve.

it's still a must dining experience and i like that they have great service and also their japanese rice is yummy :D.

2nd floor sm megamall atrium

Dec 27, 2011

buenisimo by cafe ysabel

this is a long overdue post. i thought i already wrote one for this. was at eastwood mall and had nothing in mind so we opted for buenisimo by cafe ysabel. here's what we got.

freebie bread - warm flat bread with soft pillowy insides served with a yellowish oil which ain't nothing like piadina's chilli oil instead has a sweet flavor...maybe pesto would have been better.

crispy pork belly (forgot the actual name) the belly was perfectly crisp but it just had too much fat. i think they should ensure they serve leaner liempo. the rice was a bit oily too which increased the cloying effect of this dish.

bbq ribs (forgot the official name too) as if we weren't thinking straight. we also ordered another pork dish. the ribs were tender but there was something lacking with the flavors which i couldn't figure out what.

dalandan shake - had to post this because c and i both agree that this was the saving grace of our meal ...perfect consistency and it was just oozing with dalandan flavor.

eastwood mall, libis

empire deli

just wanted to share this photo of empire deli's 50/50 which my friends love...unfortunately i'm not a fan. i misunderstood the whole concept, 50/50 means half beef and half bacon i thought the bacon is served separately think wendy's bacon mushroom melt and not part of the patty. second, i am not a huge bbq sauce lover which the burger is served with. not in the picture is a sunny side up egg which i had on the side. if you love bacon in your burger, bbq sauce and onion rings then maybe this one is for you.

empire deli
venice piazza
mckinley, bgc

Dec 26, 2011

mr jones has been feeding me again

since i got back to manila i've already eaten twice at mr jones, and that for me is a record since i only eat at the same resto if there is no option or i really really love the food :D. anyway here's the other stuff i tried.

tapa overload which my friend raved about...i like the seasoning on the tapa but the meat is a bit chewy for me and that's the only downside of this dish.

dory and crab thermidor??? not sure this wasn't really mine but i tried it. i was just impressed they used brown rice and that scores points because i love brown rice :).

cheech and chong - among the dishes i have eaten here including the two dogs in a bed this was the winner. i liked the tender chunks of beef in the sauce and it was aptly seasoned to give you that mexican flavor and the cheese sauce made it more yummy. i appreciated the hotdog more now because i noticed that it has a good snap. what might have been disappointing are the nachos, they weren't crunchy and i'm not sure if it was the sauce/steam that made them less crispy but somehow they made the dish off. maybe they can just remove the fries and put nachos instead and serve it with additional salsa.

also got to try the truffled mac and cheese which was also good but i think the peas are really unnecessary :).

mr jones
greenbelt 5

happy cream puff

i love cream puffs. i have learned about happy cream puff years ago but only got the chance to try them recently. some say it's better than puff mommy which i highly recommend.

so while on an errand i came across their branch in legaspi village and knew i had to get me some. i got the caramel cream puff, the most common cream puff in manila. the verdict? i did not become a fan. the caramel topping was not sweet so that was the only upside. but the choux pastry was too light and crunchy inside. i like it crunchy on the outside but soft and pillowy in the inside. and even though i can see the vanilla beans specks on the cream filling and the consistency was well done i didn't find any wow factor on the flavor. i expected it to be bursting with vanilla instead the flavor was subtle.

so i still love puff mommy which unfortunately stopped selling their yummy products so i'd have to find another cream puff that i will love.

happy cream puff

Dec 14, 2011

shanghai restaurant @ the marriott

another set of free meal vouchers because of my frequent flyer miles (i miss flying badly). anyway, due to the circumstances i was compelled to use it at the shanghai restaurant of the marriott in kl. here's the dimsum feast my friends and i had.

a cucumber slaw of some sort that was refreshing.

beancurd sheets stuffed with mushroom and meat (yeah i forgot if it was pork or chicken) liked this.

fish maw soup- don't even ask what fish maw is hehehe...spongy texture not a fan.

xiao long bao - not really spectacular it was so so favorite is still dragon-i's yes i find it better than din tai fung :D

some dumplings, nice thin skin...obviously freshly made.

some savory pastries liked it too.

chee cheong fun - rice roll stuffed with shrimps liked it.

more carbs! hehehe by this time we were all stuffed...these are the lotus wrapped sticky rice. i didn't like it.

i don't see the point of pan frying siopao it didn't add anything to the dimsum it just made it oily.

forgettable noodles...yuck!

the star of the meal, black sesame glutinous balls in ginger soup. loved the black sesame stuffing it was the right texture of grainy and not mushy with ample amount of sugar and the ginger soup was mildly seasoned. we have been trying tong yuen (not sure about the name) every time we get a chance but the one from shanghai restaurant is still the best.

shanghai restuarant
marriott kl
bukit bintang