Dec 26, 2011

mr jones has been feeding me again

since i got back to manila i've already eaten twice at mr jones, and that for me is a record since i only eat at the same resto if there is no option or i really really love the food :D. anyway here's the other stuff i tried.

tapa overload which my friend raved about...i like the seasoning on the tapa but the meat is a bit chewy for me and that's the only downside of this dish.

dory and crab thermidor??? not sure this wasn't really mine but i tried it. i was just impressed they used brown rice and that scores points because i love brown rice :).

cheech and chong - among the dishes i have eaten here including the two dogs in a bed this was the winner. i liked the tender chunks of beef in the sauce and it was aptly seasoned to give you that mexican flavor and the cheese sauce made it more yummy. i appreciated the hotdog more now because i noticed that it has a good snap. what might have been disappointing are the nachos, they weren't crunchy and i'm not sure if it was the sauce/steam that made them less crispy but somehow they made the dish off. maybe they can just remove the fries and put nachos instead and serve it with additional salsa.

also got to try the truffled mac and cheese which was also good but i think the peas are really unnecessary :).

mr jones
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