Dec 14, 2011

shanghai restaurant @ the marriott

another set of free meal vouchers because of my frequent flyer miles (i miss flying badly). anyway, due to the circumstances i was compelled to use it at the shanghai restaurant of the marriott in kl. here's the dimsum feast my friends and i had.

a cucumber slaw of some sort that was refreshing.

beancurd sheets stuffed with mushroom and meat (yeah i forgot if it was pork or chicken) liked this.

fish maw soup- don't even ask what fish maw is hehehe...spongy texture not a fan.

xiao long bao - not really spectacular it was so so favorite is still dragon-i's yes i find it better than din tai fung :D

some dumplings, nice thin skin...obviously freshly made.

some savory pastries liked it too.

chee cheong fun - rice roll stuffed with shrimps liked it.

more carbs! hehehe by this time we were all stuffed...these are the lotus wrapped sticky rice. i didn't like it.

i don't see the point of pan frying siopao it didn't add anything to the dimsum it just made it oily.

forgettable noodles...yuck!

the star of the meal, black sesame glutinous balls in ginger soup. loved the black sesame stuffing it was the right texture of grainy and not mushy with ample amount of sugar and the ginger soup was mildly seasoned. we have been trying tong yuen (not sure about the name) every time we get a chance but the one from shanghai restaurant is still the best.

shanghai restuarant
marriott kl
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