Nov 19, 2011

las vegas: pf chang's

my friend mentioned about pf chang's and it got me curious. so i listed it on my must try list. luckily they have happy hour which makes several menu items affordable, check their website to see the offerings.

here's what i got.

condiments first, i was told that the best way to enjoy these are to mix them all up in a separate vessel. one is a soy based sauce with some herbs, the red one looks like sriracha which is chili sauce and the yellow one looks like mustard. i followed the instructions, actually the wait staff did it for me :).

got the lettuce wrap, pf chang's is famous for this chicken lettuce wrap. very nice iceberg lettuce, i believe i got around 5-6 pieces of whole crisp lettuce. for the filling it's chicken very flavorful with some crispy vermicelli.

my perfectly wrapped lettuce roll with one bite, see how perfect it was no spills whatsoever hehe. for me, the chicken filling is flavorful enough that you don't need to put any sauce, but i still poured some because i wanted the kick from the chilli sauce.

egg rolls, these were huge maybe 5-6 inches long. i have always been so intrigued about egg rolls which i always hear on tv shows or movies. so finally i get to try them. oh well, they're basically spring rolls but with a thicker wrapper. it was just filled with cabbage and carrots and finely minced pork which i couldn't even recognize. it was bland for me and i wasn't keen on sweet and sour sauce that came with it.

my entire meal was below 20USD including a raspberry iced tea, i should have probably just ordered wine though. for the americans, i guess pf chang's offer novelty and a more upscale setting for chinese/asian cuisine compared to a typical chinese take out. but with the dishes i tried i wasn't really impressed. i reckon other dishes would be the same like the dumplings ( i overheard a canada based chinese actually criticizing their dimsum because it was not up to par). but with the happy hour prices and with a nice ambiance i couldn't complain. it was still a refreshing meal for me and would prefer it over the dinner i had at canter's deli later on that evening (yeah i got extremely hungry after walking back and forth the strip). and knowing how huge the servings are in the us, my meal would have fed two people so it was worth it. plus, i got two fortune cookies and i loved what were written on them :).

pf chang's
miracle mile shops/planet hollywood
las vegas blvd.


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    There's a PF Chang's near my area, maybe I'll give it a shot one of these days.

  2. yeah give it a shot