Nov 2, 2011

wolfgang's meatloaf

celebrity chef restos are all over vegas. i like wolfgang puck so it was a must to dine at one of his restos. i opted for spago at the caesar's palace. i chose it because it's near my hotel, plus they have the cafe menu which offers more affordable meals.

when i went into the resto i wasn't that hungry and had a hard time choosing the dish i want, considering i have been perusing their online menu for weeks prior to my trip, in retrospect i think i should have opted for the kobe burger which had good reviews. but i didn't want to eat a burger in any of the celeb chef restos.

here's some freebies...some bread and a crispy watchamacallit....the bread was cold. come on wolfgang, i didn't expect this, i was so disappointed.

the olive oil, balsamic, parmesan dip at lombardi's made an impression so when i tried just plain olive oil and salt it was dismal for me, plus can i just say again that the bread was cold.

ordered some lemon/lime frizz which was forgettable, should have saved may 6 USD on this or better yet i should have just ordered coke if they had one.

so i finally decided to get the meatloaf. it was good, i dunno how they made it in such a way it had this canned/luncheon meat/spam texture. i've never had real meatloaf and i've always thought the texture would be like when you bake ground beef more like a burger, but it wasn't. i was actually pleased, the flavors were right on, the pancetta didn't have that overpowering taste. the potato mash was just right for me, it wasn't rich and creamy. the onion rings were perfect, except for one wasn't fully coated :(. but they were freshly made with just the right amount of breading.

i forgot how much exactly my meal was, but as far as i can remember it was less than 30USD. unfortunately, i wasn't impressed, though i can say i've eaten at spago and be proud of it, the meal was nothing to rave about. but most likely, if i'd ordered a proper entree or something else, i could've been impressed. well maybe next time.

caesar's palace
las vegas blvd.

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