Nov 4, 2011

the much awaited meal at mesa

my celebrity chef crush is bobby flay, i dunno why - rocco dispirito is far better looking but i still favor bobby. as such, i had to make sure i dine at mesa grill. i opted to go for lunch because they don't require reservations during lunch time and dining alone at night is lonesome :(

here's my freebie bread basket. now this is what i'm talking about, freshly made muffin and warm breads. the muffin is apparently bobby's famous yellow and blue corn muffin, i had to research on it to find out what chili was used, it was jalapeno but there were other herbs and spices in it. the texture was light and crumbly, it was really good :D.

here's what i got. spicy chicken with sweet potato hash and poached egg with green chile hollandaise. this dish was packed with a lot of flavors it was a party for my taste buds and the hollandaise was so perfect it was creamy but not overly rich and it just made the eggs so much better. however, it wasn't what i expected. i thought the chicken was separated from the hash but it turns out they were combined which i didn't fancy. sad to say, i had to pick on my food and eat the chicken because there's just too much sweet potato i can take.

i wasn't completely happy with my meal, more like underwhelmed. but i guess i just have to choose a better dish next time.

mesa grill
caesar's palace
las vegas blvd.

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