Apr 3, 2007

a dose of bangkok

i have read about jatujak in anton's blog and i told myself i ought to try it since i love thai food. good thing is they opened a branch at the block which is closer to my house compared to the one in moa. i am still wondering why jatujak...even if they say that it was named after chatuchak - so does this mean that ch in thai is j? i have been in bangkok and never heard people say jatujak or maybe i just think that they said chatuchak instead of jatujak.

anyway, i ordered phad thai and sate chicken (chicken satay) and i must say that i was quite disappointed with my phad thai. i find it too saucy. though i enjoyed the satay. the chicken meat was tender. what's my verdict? i still love my muang thai. the flavors in muang thai are fresh and vibrant just like the ones in bangkok plus the prices are so affordable. i guess i'm just a phad thai lover that it is the end all and be all of a thai resto for me. phad thai is a must for my thai diet so i'm not sure if i'll have another jatujak outing.

ze phad thai

chicken satay