Feb 25, 2007

the food network fan

i guess it's no surprise that i'm a food network viewer since i'm such a foodie. i love italian food so i always watch mario batalli. he had this special wherein he visited little italy in san francisco. i immediately e-mailed pam about it telling her to go visit little italy and try everything mario featured. but one thing that i can't forget in that episode was the meatball sandwich at this old cigar place.

so when i was in sf, i told pam we had to try it. i had to look for the resto's name in the internet and luckily i found it. the place is named mario's. pam also noticed the eggplant sandwich so what we did was order one of each and shared them. there's only one thing that disappointed me, the meatball sandwich did not look as full as it was on the tv. i'm not sure if i described it right but what i meant was the meatballs weren't that humongous as i remembered it. but it was definitely delish. here they are.

roasted eggplant with feta

the meatball sandwich

mario's bohemian cigar store cafe
566 columbus avenue
san francisco, california

Feb 18, 2007

east in the west

when people asked us what we ate in the us. we just said asian and some people found it ridiculous. the asian restos in the us are definitely great. our daily meals are usually vietnamese, chinese and japanese. one night we tried out thai/vietnamese food. my favorite dish would be the scallops because they were humongous. i also liked the vietnamese fresh spring rolls because their sauce was much tastier compared to my favorite pho hoa. here are the dishes we ate that night plus thai iced of course.

imperial and fresh spring rolls

pumpkin curry chicken

black bean scallops

grilled shrimps (we were actually shocked that it was served in a curry sauce)

unfortunately, this was the only asian meal we were able to capture. our favorite resto is ba vo which serves vietnamese cuisine and we usually go there for lunch. just one thing i noticed, it seems that chinese food in manila is much better i don't know if it's msg but i still love my north park among many others.

Feb 11, 2007

hooters by the wharf

i have always wanted to eat at hooters. it's not because i wanna see the girls but because of the famous wings. so i didn't pass up the opportunity to eat there when we were at the wharf. we got buffalo wings and garlic fries as recommended by my friend. i was a bit disappointed with the wings because we ordered mild and apparently mild wings are just fried chicken wings without the sauce. next time i really have to try the hot ones.

served with celery sticks and ranch dressing...yum yum

the hell with my blood type diet i ought to try these garlic fries...they were amazing

Feb 3, 2007

cheesecake factory

i have to say that my cheesecake factory meal is the best meal i've ever had in sf and i would think that jasin (jason) would have to agree. unfortunately, we didn't bring our cameras and we were only left with our mobile phones to capture our food.

for entrees, i had fish tacos shown in the picture below while jasin had salmon with miso sauce. i must say i was envious when i tried his food. it was the best salmon he probably ever had (during our trip he ate salmon almost everyday).

and of course we had to have dessert, after all it's the cheesecake factory. based on the reviews i've read they suggest getting the classic cheesecake. but with all the varieties you will be tempted to try something different. anyway, i got the strawberry cheesecake since i would think it would be made of the classic with strawberries. true enough it was just the regular cheesecake with 3 humongous strawberries. yumyum. the cheesecake factory has a website you might wanna check it out they have several branches in the us.

Feb 1, 2007

san francisco foodtrip

i have recently been to oakland, california which is just a couple of minutes away from san francisco. as such, my food adventures where done in sf. so let's begin the journey.

i got to sfo past 5 but was only able to leave after almost an hour with immigration failing to capture my fingerprint and my luggage coming out late. anyway, pam picked me up and when we got to the hotel, i just checked in and off we go to sf. we went to pancho villa a mexican resto with the hole in the wall feel though i learned during our last night that it has several branches.

i was in awe with the vast selection of mexican food there. i was determined to continue my blood type diet so i settled for a chile relleno (thinking it has less meat) apparently there isn't any meat and it's stuffed with just cheese so it was great too. it was served with tortilla which i requested and some nachos so it was a perfect match.

i found it interesting that they have several salsas from which you can choose from. i immediately picked the hottest but when i tried it i just opted to get the mild one. i also got a fresh strawberry juice, pam chose horchata which is rice with cinnamon, it was ok but the fresa is much better hehe.

after which, we got some mitchell's ice cream (it was around 11 pm btw). it is one of the most awarded ice cream shops in sf so we had to try it. i got the black walnut which is pam's favorite i think it has kahlua or rum. anyway mitchell's offer tropical flavors inspired by filipino ice cream flavors and they sell barquillos too.