Feb 18, 2007

east in the west

when people asked us what we ate in the us. we just said asian and some people found it ridiculous. the asian restos in the us are definitely great. our daily meals are usually vietnamese, chinese and japanese. one night we tried out thai/vietnamese food. my favorite dish would be the scallops because they were humongous. i also liked the vietnamese fresh spring rolls because their sauce was much tastier compared to my favorite pho hoa. here are the dishes we ate that night plus thai iced of course.

imperial and fresh spring rolls

pumpkin curry chicken

black bean scallops

grilled shrimps (we were actually shocked that it was served in a curry sauce)

unfortunately, this was the only asian meal we were able to capture. our favorite resto is ba vo which serves vietnamese cuisine and we usually go there for lunch. just one thing i noticed, it seems that chinese food in manila is much better i don't know if it's msg but i still love my north park among many others.

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