Feb 12, 2014

grazing at green pastures

remember in my previous post i mentioned kettle was not my intended lunch spot. well, green pastures was. i could not believe that at 2pm on a weekday the place was packed. so i made sure i had reservations for my succeeding visitS. ate there twice because there's so much i wanted to try and i'll be back over and over again to try other items.

why am i engrossed with green pastures? because the resto has a farm to table concept, they source their ingredients from farmers/producers themselves so they are guaranteed fresh and most if not all ingredients are organic. i'm a sucker for organic/healthy food items. so here are the items i got during my outings.

for drinks i've read about kombucha which is supposed to be this healthy drink rich with probiotics. ummm it's a bit sour and i didn't like the ginger they mixed it up with. i should have ordered plain kombucha or better yet the melon green tea which was nice and refreshing by the way.

fried mushrooms - this was just like a mushroom tempura and their signature touch of malt vinegar spritzer on the side. the spritzer seems fancy but it becomes oily and god knows how many people used their hands to spray over their mushrooms or fries. the  dish was really just ordinary.

pinoy eggs - basically a pinoy twist on scotch eggs. first of all, i don't think they used duck eggs for this. duck eggs are more orangey and this one looks like chicken eggs. the egg was perfectly cooked, the yolk was runny when you cut it. i wish there's more flavor on the longganisa and that the pako/fern salad would be less salty, the dressing was a bit overpowering.

all'amatriciana - i saw this at the next table and decided to order it. they used buccatini, thus the thicker noodles which was just apt for that chunk of pancetta which was so good, it wasn't salty it was just right, you wouldn't think you're eating bacon! i liked this pasta dish.

roast organic chicken - this is a bestseller and i've read so many reviews on this. i am a sucker for chicken and it's organic! it's cooked with a light konbu broth with asparagus. it was tender and seasoned just right. had this twice and do you notice the difference? the second one is prettier than the first haha. i complained that when i tried it the first time the chicken seemed raw because of the pinkish color, i was told that it was their method of cooking, it was cooked like ham so i dunno what she meant by that, was it smoked? brined? maybe brined that's why the meat turned pinkish. anyway, this is a must!

farmhouse salad - finally! greens!  my first lunch buddy doesn't like veggies so i really needed to go back because green pastures is known for their salads. however, i tried one of the mainstays and not the monthly special. we liked this a lot....well we are a family of green leafy veggie addicts.

carbonara - isn't that huge chunk of meat familiar? i actually didn't like this much. the sauce seems pale/diluted not a rich thick creamy consistency that one should get from the cheese and egg if this was a real carbonara, think prego carbonara sauce. but i love the pancetta so pwede na ren :)

blue ribbon burger - this one is made of kitayama wagyu which really didn't stand out for me. it's a nicely constructed burger - buttered brioche bun, blue cheese....the works! but i just don't feel like it justifies the price point.

milk, eggs and honey - greek yogurt, honeycomb and lemon curd. it's not for regular folks who likes their chocolatey dessert. it's for people like me who loves greek yogurt and lemon curd hehe. for me it's nice - it's healthy! at ang hirap palang kainin ng honeycomb eventually you'll end up with beeswax in your mouth hehe.

there are no major misses for green pastures, i think that the menu offers a wide range of food items depending on the preferences of people. i'm just happy that they offer healthy e.g. organic options. i still have a couple of items that i want to try. i will definitely go back when i'm in manila!

green pastures
4th level shangri-la plaza east wing

Feb 7, 2014


this was not our intended lunch spot but it was almost 2pm and we were famished i've read about kettle as well so i said we should give it a try.

first of all, this is one of those moments that i know the combination of our food is totally wrong but sometimes you just have to satiate ones cravings.

pork and potato strips. thinly sliced potatoes fried until crisp think piknik, the wider variety but thinner and more crisp plus chunks of lechon kawali, parmesan cheese and truffle oil? this is so wrong in so many levels. i thought i was gonna have a heart attack. i dunno, it's just too cloying/oily for me everything is fried!

buttermilk fried chicken, they are famous for this. but i am not impressed. the chicken was a bit overcooked see how dark it was or they used a super old batch of oil. either way i wasn't impressed. though the honey and gravy did actually work and they obliged with our request to change the corn bread to mashed potato which i think is more apt.

i dunno why i don't have a photo but we also ordered clam chowder! see how rich and mismatched our meal was? it was one those meh meals...i know we ordered the wrong food and i was a bit sick that day so my taste buds were a bit out of whack.

shangri-la east wing

Feb 4, 2014

gino's brick oven pizza

i've known about gino's for the longest time and somehow i fail to try it whenever i'm home. this time around despite my less bad carbs lifestyle. i told myself i had to try it.

the house salad was good, the cheese, walnuts and caramelized figs made this a really yummy dish. however, it was cloyingly sweet, they should adjust the dressing and make it bit more tart.

bolognese - not really sure if this is fresh pasta but i like how light it was considering it was a bolognese. what i mean is, it wasn't heavy on the meat and tomato. it wasn't your typical bolognese that is rich, simmered for hours with red wine. this is a lighter take on bolognese and there are days when i just want it this way.

bianca verde - my mom likes arugula so i ordered this. i really didn't care much actually for this one. i think it was boring.

panna sausage - i have a hidden love for italian sausage. this one however, is their house made sausage, if i'm not mistaken gino's makes their own sausages. and this one is damn good. it's a cross between an italian sausage and longganisa. it's a bit sweet like a longganisa but has the savory details of an italian sausage. the flavors were just perfect. i am not exaggerating but to prove how much i fell in love with this, i ate 3 slices!!! holy cow i wanted to barf after realizing i ate so much carbs. that's how good it really was, i suddenly forgot my less carbs diet. and to think that i was pretty much a good girl during my us trip and really ate minimal carbs and only a slice of john's if i am not mistaken.

even my mom and dad were extremely happy with this place. being pizza lovers they said they'll be getting their pizza from gino's moving forward. as for the crust, it's unique it's not overly thin like italian pizzas but also not doughy like the ones we are used to and it has this crunchy but pillowy crust. you just have to try it!

gino's brick oven pizza
second floor of the mercury drug bldg
katipunan avenue