Feb 4, 2014

gino's brick oven pizza

i've known about gino's for the longest time and somehow i fail to try it whenever i'm home. this time around despite my less bad carbs lifestyle. i told myself i had to try it.

the house salad was good, the cheese, walnuts and caramelized figs made this a really yummy dish. however, it was cloyingly sweet, they should adjust the dressing and make it bit more tart.

bolognese - not really sure if this is fresh pasta but i like how light it was considering it was a bolognese. what i mean is, it wasn't heavy on the meat and tomato. it wasn't your typical bolognese that is rich, simmered for hours with red wine. this is a lighter take on bolognese and there are days when i just want it this way.

bianca verde - my mom likes arugula so i ordered this. i really didn't care much actually for this one. i think it was boring.

panna sausage - i have a hidden love for italian sausage. this one however, is their house made sausage, if i'm not mistaken gino's makes their own sausages. and this one is damn good. it's a cross between an italian sausage and longganisa. it's a bit sweet like a longganisa but has the savory details of an italian sausage. the flavors were just perfect. i am not exaggerating but to prove how much i fell in love with this, i ate 3 slices!!! holy cow i wanted to barf after realizing i ate so much carbs. that's how good it really was, i suddenly forgot my less carbs diet. and to think that i was pretty much a good girl during my us trip and really ate minimal carbs and only a slice of john's if i am not mistaken.

even my mom and dad were extremely happy with this place. being pizza lovers they said they'll be getting their pizza from gino's moving forward. as for the crust, it's unique it's not overly thin like italian pizzas but also not doughy like the ones we are used to and it has this crunchy but pillowy crust. you just have to try it!

gino's brick oven pizza
second floor of the mercury drug bldg
katipunan avenue

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