Aug 2, 2013

nyc: john's pizzeria

what's a visit to nyc without trying out a new york style pizza which i still can't understand what exactly. well it's practically like an italian pizza but bigger me thinks. i almost forgot to write about this, can you believe it? anyway, glad i was able to meet up with j and because of that i can eat an authentic new york style pizza (good pizzerias don't serve pizza in slices only whole, so what am i supposed to do with one whole pizza if i decide to eat alone?)

i was limited with pizzerias in manhattan, they say the best ones are in brooklyn. but lombardi's which is supposed to be the original is actually in manhattan. but that's not where i ate =), another famous joint is john's of bleecker though doubtful that john's pizzeria in midtown is a branch because they have two different websites, both were established in 1929 and based on the yelp reviews is it a branch so i opted for the one in midtown.

it's in an old church/chapel and they retained the murals and wood finishing, too bad i didn't get a picture it was actually dark inside. from what i've read the plain margarita is really good with added fresh garlic so that's what we ordered. it was a nice brick oven pizza, you can see the charred crust. but in restrospect i wonder why it was not piping hot when served on our table. was it too cold that night? or did j and i chatted for quite sometime before we tried out the pizza. anyway, if it was piping hot and really straight out of the oven it would have been really good. nothing beats pizza fresh out of the oven and even domino's tastes so much better (i live across domino's my deliveries take 10-15 mins tops hehe)

judging from the photo i think the pizza was pre-made. and yeah i took one slice before realizing i haven't taken a photo yet.

we also got pasta, i love italian sausages so we got an aglio olio type of pasta with salsiccia and brocolli rabe it was also good.

it was a good meal but nothing truly remarkable and what's lingering in my head now is that the food was just not as hot as i wanted them to be. but the the night was perfect - catching up with an old friend capped with my first coffee love - white chocolate mocha =).

john's pizzeria
260 W 44th
new york, new york

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