Aug 3, 2013

dc: hill country barbeque market

when i saw a post from divasoria about hill country i was drooling. i wondered when will i get to try those mouthwatering meats. unfortunately, my nyc itinerary did not permit me to eat there. so it was a must for me in dc. 

i didn't know what to get. i've perused their online menu several times before but didn't decide on the final "configuration" of the meats i will order. though divasoria noted the jalapeño sausage i was trying to be healthy and gear away from processed meats. one thing i was sure of was to get the moist brisket, i eventually ended up getting a lunch special which has 2 ribs, cornbread and a side and then i ordered extra quarter pound of moist brisket. here's my meal.

not for the faint hearted or rather those avoiding a heart attack haha, too much meat! the moist brisket was perfect, a little salty for my taste but got fixed by some tangy bbq sauce. it was moist and tender and not fatty at all, basically looked like a lean brisket. the ribs on the other hand are a bit dry for me, it wasn't the meat falling off the bones bbq. and because of that, i really didn't finish the ribs :(.

for the sides, i only took a bite of the cornbread. that was it! i then regretted having to order the set because i wasn't too keen to try the cornbread especially since it didn't have great reviews. but the white shoepeg corn pudding which was ordinary for most, was love for me. i liked the slight kick, the spiciness if i'm not mistaken comes from jalapeño or some other chili, thick and creamy but with bits and pieces of corn.

i also had mexican coca-cola, it's coke in a bottle and still made with natural cane sugar so it was a little healthy ;).

hill country barbeque
410 7th St. NW near the corner of D St. NW
washington dc

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