Aug 24, 2013

dc: famous cupcakes

used to religiously watch dc cupcakes, then i dunno why i stopped watching or maybe because i don't see it on tlc anymore. i wasn't really too keen on trying out cupcakes in nyc (magnolia cupcake and probably crumbs). but i was going to the taste of georgetown and two of the famous cupcakes stateside will be there so i thought might as well get them during the food fest.

we had time to kill in georgetown even after going around and v said we should line up at georgetown cupcakes' store front instead of getting them at the fest since the line was pretty short (it was still closed). we got just 4 cupcakes to try. luckily there was a free table in the small cupcakery that we opted to eat them inside and i even saw katherine!!! and her baby and mommy! ok if you don't know or haven't realized it yet this is georgetown cupcakes and they have a series on tlc entitled dc cupcakes. 

anyway here's what we got, didn't realize that we mostly got the saturday flavors/ flavors of the day since the menu rotates on a daily basis except for some core flavors which are available daily.

salted caramel (saturday) - i am a caramel fan so anything salted caramel is a must. i loved this. this was my favorite. the cupcake was moist but not too crumbly. the buttercream had the right amount of sweetness. though the best among the ones we've tried it wasn't an out of this world experience still.

red velvet (everyday) - my reaction? my red velvet is better than this! (di naman nagyayabang, but you know what different strokes for different folks, but a friend said the same thing, that her red velvet is better than theirs) yeah, the cupcake was a bit dry. and the frosting wasn't that tangy or cream cheesy at all. i was disappointed.

mint cookies and cream (saturday) - i guess we all like mint and we got intrigued by this one. the cupcake was like the salted caramel cupcake, moist and not overly sweet but the frosting? ohemgee it was so sweet, i can feel the sugar granules grinding between my teeth. i do hope that this was because someone screwed up the frosting big time, because i cannot believe how dismally sweet it was. this was hard to finish we forced c to eat it hehe.

pb fudge (saturday) - as i recollect my thoughts on this flavor, there's nothing i can recall. it was okay, just okay. i think this one lacked the you get what i mean? like it boasts of using valrhona chocolate but it wasn't that chocolatey at all and the pb frosting only had a mild peanut flavor. 

ok after having dessert as our appetizers we headed to the taste of georgetown. and that's were i got sprinkles. sprinkles originated in LA and it's the favorite of celebrities like oprah. they only have two flavors at the fest. i got the red velvet.

the hit, it was moist and chocolatey like my red velvets ;) waaaay better than georgetown cupcake's. the miss, the frosting i've been thinking it wasn't cream cheese frosting but i double checked and it was. it didn't taste like cream cheese though. it was too sweet and had grains of sugar that it didn't even dawn on me that it was cream cheese oh well either i got a bad batch again or that's really how they tasted.

so i'm still thinking on whether these cupcakes are really worth it. maybe for georgetown cupcakes it's not worth lining up for 30 minutes to an hour. just pre-order them online and pick it up at the store if you want them fresh or better yet have them ship it to you. i haven't tried other flavors of sprinkles so i cannot assess it further but the cupcake itself was perfect for me very moist and flavorful. i guess the novelty of the flavors and the presentation of their lovely cupcakes add to the lure of these famous cupcakes. money's worth? they're 3.50 USD each me thinks and  that's like 150 PHP which i deem is still ok. aren't manila based cupcakes almost a hundred bucks each? and those are small, these cupcakes are big.

georgetown cupcakes

3301 M st. NW cor 33rd
washington, dc


3015 M st. NW
washington, dc

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