Apr 29, 2010

kl: lemon garden cafe

my friends have been raving about shangri-la's buffet. consequently, i found time to go on this food outing. to summarize, i think manila buffets are much better. but there are two good things about the lemon garden buffet, first are the seafoods -huge oysters lots of shrimps but our favorite was really the salmon sashimi. high grade sashimi if you ask me. melts in your mouth it was really a winner. second are the desserts. well i don't think shangri-la ever goes wrong with their desserts they have huge driscoll strawberries which unfortunately ran out when i was about to get them. if you look at my dessert photo i stole one huge strawberry from one of the cakes hehe. i forgot how much this was maybe 90RM (roughly 1300PHP), malaysia wise it's still good value for money but as i've said, manila buffets are more worth it.

assorted dimsum

seafood and sushi

seafoods and sashimi

papadom and paneer

cheese and nuts craving satiated ;) requested for honey it was love...and see more salmon on the side hehe

strawberry thingy

passionfruit pannacotta

choco fountain and tiramisu with a stolen strawberry

pretty disappointed with the amount of food i ate...not as gluttonous i wanted to be hehe. it was a good meal saved me merienda and dinner =).

lemon garden cafe
shangri-la kuala lumpur