Apr 23, 2011

lunch at marriott cafe

a long overdue post, this actually took place end of last year during my christmas vacation. i have freebie lunch vouchers at the marriott and good thing buffets are covered as well. so let's start shall we.

had a hyperacidity attack upon arrival, so warmed my tummy with some miso soup. i love the seaweeds, but nothing really special.

started with some dimsum...the pork ribs were a bit tough not the melt in your mouth pork spare ribs i'm used to. the hakao is just alright, wish the shrimps were bigger and the wrapper thinner. but they were freshly made so it was ok.

because of my tummy issue i already started with the main. the roast beef was good really good, you see how brown - "done" the beef is but it's still tender. asked my dad why he didn't get some, he said it looked dry but i told him otherwise, so he asked me to get him 3 slices!!! i was so ashamed with the staff counter who probably thought it was mine. some mashed potato, not as creamy as people would prefer but for me less creamy means less fat so it's ok. my first yorkshire pudding, i have no idea how it should taste like but i prefer this one than the one at the ritz (next post). got some veggies and garlic grilled fish too.

and surprisingly i was not yet full so i had room for these. nothing extraordinary but the asohos tempura was freshly cooked. the fried rice is also ok. the baked mussels is with bechamel, so typical of hotel buffets in manila and far from our favorite baked mussels with lotsa cheese.

oh, i still have room! hahaha. so i took some greens and a cucumber salad. i liked that station very much, they have a variety of mixed salads to choose from, and of course you can also make your own. one of my buffet staples - smoked salmon was good.

ok the dessert station was a bit of a disappointment, very few selections and they aren't as great as i hoped them to be. nothing can really go wrong with the creme brulee but the rest of this plate was dismal.

overall, it was a good buffet. it has a wide range of cuisines. probably the only miss were the desserts. the marriott is a newly built hotel, the driveway of the lobby has ample space, not as cramped as the older hotels in manila so i find it more convenient. if you end up in that area, you could give this a try.

marriott hotel
newport blvd
newport city complex, pasay
across the naia terminal 3