Nov 24, 2014

paris: leon de bruxelles

another place i wanted to try because of blog posts i've read before is leon de bruxelles. the mussels and different methods of cooking looked so enticing. and though this is a actually a belgian restaurant, we tried it in paris.

the moules, forgot which method of cooking i chose, this was sad. the mussels were very small. the frites were unimpressive as well.

because my mom wants rice haha, huge shrimps/prawns dunno what they were came with quite a hefty price tag and it's nothing spectacular.

similarly, mediocre fish and chips.

creme brulee, i think it was part of my meal. it was so so as well.

totally disappointed and i've read quite a number of reviews on this one, oh well charged to experience.

leon de bruxelles
boulevard saint germain

paris: cafe du marche

i love duck confit. it's one of my fine dining staples. when i read divasoria's post, i've never forgotten about it. years later i finally get to try it :D.

it's mind blowing haha...ok maybe it's an exaggeration but it's far from any of the duck confit that i've eaten in asia. this one was very tender and not dry at all. the duck skin is brown and crispy. there was a good amount of fat which can be cloying but nothing that a good french mustard couldn't fix.

my dad had steak, which was so so. the servings were quite hefty especially with those piles of potatoes. i forgot what my mom ate...i don't have a picture!

cafe du marche
rue cler

my first parisian meal or not

our first meal in paris was thai. it was the closest resto from our hotel and we were famished. there are two bien bien restaurants along rue bergere. don't know which is which. coming from rue de fauborg montmartre it will be the first one. they served decent thai food, forgot the prices but it's around 10 euro per meal.

tomyum soup?

spring rolls vietnamese style

thai green curry chicken?
chicken with basil?
yellow curry chicken

happy tummy, sometimes you need some asian flavors to jazz up your palate with all the european fare you've been eating.

bien bien
30 rue bergere
near grands boulevards