Nov 24, 2014

paris: leon de bruxelles

another place i wanted to try because of blog posts i've read before is leon de bruxelles. the mussels and different methods of cooking looked so enticing. and though this is a actually a belgian restaurant, we tried it in paris.

the moules, forgot which method of cooking i chose, this was sad. the mussels were very small. the frites were unimpressive as well.

because my mom wants rice haha, huge shrimps/prawns dunno what they were came with quite a hefty price tag and it's nothing spectacular.

similarly, mediocre fish and chips.

creme brulee, i think it was part of my meal. it was so so as well.

totally disappointed and i've read quite a number of reviews on this one, oh well charged to experience.

leon de bruxelles
boulevard saint germain

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