May 29, 2009

kl : yut kee

one of the oldest kopi tiams in kl is yut kee in jalan dang wangi, started since 1928. off the beaten path, it's close to the dang wangi train station where the kelana jaya line runs through.

not having had a decent breakfast (i'm a breakfast person) i was already starving by 1130 so i opted to get their most famous item which is the hainanese pork chop. it's basically breaded porkchop sans the fat with fried potato wedges and veggies. had the gravy on the side since i was advised by my friends that the chops would swim in it if not served separately.

the chops were tender, perfectly cooked with the nice golden brown color, the potatoes were not well cooked and the gravy? so so, doused it with the diluted lea and perrins hehe. i was not amazed at all which kinda disappointed me because i've read great reviews on this food item.

another famous food item is their roti babi, grilled bread stuffed with shredded pork or sausage i am not sure which one with loads of onions. think corned beef sauteed with lotsa onions.

i was not initially impressed with this one either. but in retrospect, it was more worthy than the chops simply because it was quite unique and would be a very filling snack.

also got lamb chops which was ok, not that gamey but still has the lamb taste and the same veggies and gravy that came with the chops. i was not aware of the prices but i reckon that the roti babi was around RM7 and the chops would be RM9-12. which is a bit pricey for kopi tiam standards.

yut kee
35 jalan dang wangi
kuala lumpur

tel no: 03 - 2698 8108

(open from 8 am to 5 pm. closed on mondays)

May 24, 2009

what's in your grocery bag?

australian wagyu, mangosteen juice, pomegranate juice both sugar free, strawberry-banana yogurt drink in a 1L bottle, apple juice with bits of aloe just like nata de coco, wintermelon juice - love it, thin soya milk can have it in regular or lite just like the ones you get from chinese restos, fresh salmon heads, driscoll strawberries, green and yellow kiwis...the list could go on. i keep forgetting to take pictures of them to share it with everyone else in manila.

but actually the real star is wagyu, i was amazed to find fresh cuts of wagyu in the supermarket. laglag panga me hahaha. whenever i buy it, i just cook it with plain salt and pepper and loves frying it in butter with caramelized white onions. no bistek tagalog for this will totally ruin the meat. i haven't been buying wagyu lately but i'll try to remember to take the pictures of the unique food items you can find at the local grocery stores here and before i forget, i can get couscous in the supermarket too, no need for specialty stores =).

May 23, 2009

kl: dragon view

anyone kl bound would probably come across a blog post on dragon view. because of the good food? perhaps. or maybe because it's located at jalan alor (the famous hawker street in kl) and is open 24 hours. so any tourist that decides to go there at anytime would probably end up dining here.

i had friends visiting from singapore so we got several items from the menu. we wanted soup, they were out of bak kut teh so had to settle for pork with bitter gourd (ampalaya). i actually like amapalaya and the soup wasn't bitter at all. this costs RM 13 and is good for 3-4 persons.

what's a meal without rice? so we got kampung fried rice (RM 25) because this is the only variant that is not spicy. kampung means countryside/province...this one has turmeric which gives it the yellowish color and lots of shrimps. the serving is huge could feed probably 3-5 persons depending on appetite.

but one of the reasons i wanted to try this place was because i was craving for duck. ordered half a duck thinking the servings here are as small as manila's but no! it was huge, really huge. however, it did not meet my expectations. the skin was not crispy and the meat was not tender. enough said. at RM 24, i'd rather not order it again. i have yet to find some good roasted duck here...probably in the hawker stalls =).

ok, i've saved the best ones for last. i love frog. i know some of you might be squirming right now. but frogs are delicious with a delicate flesh, it's good white meat think chicken sans the 'lansa'. my previous betute experience kinda disappointed me, frogs are not meant to be fried well overcooked actually because the meat gets tough. but if you cook it in a different method like adobo or stir fry then it's absolutely perfect. like this frog with leeks and ginger (RM16) loved this one.

and the best dish for all of us is...butter squid (RM 16) yup butter squid not battered squid. squid deep fried in butter??? i'm still trying to figure out how they cooked it whether solely in butter or oil mixed with butter. the batter/flour is so buttery that you'll just love eating it.

so if by any chance you'd find yourself in jalan alor and hawker stalls are not opened yet, give dragon view a shot. i'd recommend the frog and butter squid but you can try other dishes that you might fancy.

dragon view
81 jalan alor off jalan bukit bintang

May 17, 2009

summoned by the ministry of food

i first learned about MOF (ministry of food) japanese sweets and coffee while watching one of those AFC shows. i was excited when i found out they have a branch here in KL.

japanese desserts are not sweet which makes you guilt free when you get your desserts from MOF. but a slimming dessert??? it's like you've hit the jackpot. mitsu mame with kanten jelly is one of their bestsellers. it's similar to kozui's anmitsu except they serve it with vanilla flavored soft serve and of course with kanten jelly which is supposed to be slimming. the jelly doesn't have any taste but if you eat it with the ice cream and other fruits it's quite flavorful but if you really have a sweet tooth pour the black sweet sauce that comes with it.

you cannot see the jelly because it's hidden at the bottom but they just look like clear gulaman cubes. with the nice mochi balls and fresh fruits that come with this, i'd have to say i like this one better than kozui's anmitsu. this dessert is named shiratama kurian and costs RM13.

but the one thing that really got stuck in my head is macha imo (RM12). deep fried sweet potato with softserve ice cream, i got mine with strawberry.

the hot and crunchy sweet potato croquettes gives a nice contrast to the sweet and cold soft serve ice cream. loved it! if you guys find yourself at the pavilion mall, you ought to check out this place.

same level as the food republic
near mercato
pavilion mall
bukit bintang, kl

May 15, 2009

restaurant city

i'm so lazy to write up any post but i ought to. funny i saw aline's post on her addiction with farm town...but for foodies such as you guys i am sure you will get hooked on restaurant city too... it's keeping me busy nowadays.

i'll try to post something this upcoming weekend...i hope =).

May 3, 2009

kl: ampang duksoo-nea

duksoo-nea is one of the korean bbq restos near jalan ampang in kl. the landmark is ampang point, i'll post the exact address below.

got complimentary soup, similar to woori jib's plain soup with tofu and greens.

first time on the reusable metal chopsticks =).

speciality? sampgyupsal...yup i was a bit disappointed that they basically offer just samgyupsal. so no japchae, kimchi chigae or chilli octopus =(. but they have good samgyupsal similar to woori jib, the samgyupsal here has the right thickness and the meat is tender.

(the hand is the waiter's, they cut the pork for us)

also, i liked the fact that they keep the side dishes flowing, the refills are continuous for the lettuce and side dishes and you don't have to request for it. one order is RM 17 which is basically three slices of pork belly, we averaged one order per person - starving bunch of people. even if i was not craving korean i was pretty happy with the meal.

ampang duksoo-nea restaurant
B2-1 jalan ampang utama 2/2
taman ampang utama
tel: 03-4257-9655
mobile: 012-605-9655