May 24, 2009

what's in your grocery bag?

australian wagyu, mangosteen juice, pomegranate juice both sugar free, strawberry-banana yogurt drink in a 1L bottle, apple juice with bits of aloe just like nata de coco, wintermelon juice - love it, thin soya milk can have it in regular or lite just like the ones you get from chinese restos, fresh salmon heads, driscoll strawberries, green and yellow kiwis...the list could go on. i keep forgetting to take pictures of them to share it with everyone else in manila.

but actually the real star is wagyu, i was amazed to find fresh cuts of wagyu in the supermarket. laglag panga me hahaha. whenever i buy it, i just cook it with plain salt and pepper and loves frying it in butter with caramelized white onions. no bistek tagalog for this will totally ruin the meat. i haven't been buying wagyu lately but i'll try to remember to take the pictures of the unique food items you can find at the local grocery stores here and before i forget, i can get couscous in the supermarket too, no need for specialty stores =).

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