May 29, 2009

kl : yut kee

one of the oldest kopi tiams in kl is yut kee in jalan dang wangi, started since 1928. off the beaten path, it's close to the dang wangi train station where the kelana jaya line runs through.

not having had a decent breakfast (i'm a breakfast person) i was already starving by 1130 so i opted to get their most famous item which is the hainanese pork chop. it's basically breaded porkchop sans the fat with fried potato wedges and veggies. had the gravy on the side since i was advised by my friends that the chops would swim in it if not served separately.

the chops were tender, perfectly cooked with the nice golden brown color, the potatoes were not well cooked and the gravy? so so, doused it with the diluted lea and perrins hehe. i was not amazed at all which kinda disappointed me because i've read great reviews on this food item.

another famous food item is their roti babi, grilled bread stuffed with shredded pork or sausage i am not sure which one with loads of onions. think corned beef sauteed with lotsa onions.

i was not initially impressed with this one either. but in retrospect, it was more worthy than the chops simply because it was quite unique and would be a very filling snack.

also got lamb chops which was ok, not that gamey but still has the lamb taste and the same veggies and gravy that came with the chops. i was not aware of the prices but i reckon that the roti babi was around RM7 and the chops would be RM9-12. which is a bit pricey for kopi tiam standards.

yut kee
35 jalan dang wangi
kuala lumpur

tel no: 03 - 2698 8108

(open from 8 am to 5 pm. closed on mondays)

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