Jun 8, 2009

kl: rakuzen

japanese restos are ubiquitous in malaysia. and they all seem to serve good food. what i like about malaysia is the fact that food prices are not expensive even though they are a more progressive country than ours. so the other day i got another unagi and soft shell crab craving and decided to eat at rakuzen in chulan square. this is in the bukit bintang area just across the pavilion mall.

so here's what we got.

deep fried softshell crab. yummy! it's RM22 or around PHP260.

sushi tempura zen - is a bento set with sushi, tempura, chawan mushi and watermelon and dragon fruit slices (RM38).

unagi zen - this my bento set. huge unagi soft and delicate. loved it! the chawan mushi was also good with surprises underneath the bowl like mushrooms and chicken pieces. i think this one is a steal for RM30 or PHP390.

the dishes were executed well. good quality and great service , we even found a pinoy waiter there. the iced lemon tea could be skipped it's RM8, pretty steep for me but indeed it was made with fresh lemon more like a lemonade than an iced tea. if you end up shopping in the bukit bintang area and suddenly craves for japanese try this place out.

rakuzen japanese restaurant
block b lot 2a chulan square
jalan rajah chulan, kuala lumpur


  1. I love soft-shell crab and eel! I should look this up if and when I head over to KL.

    I don't know if it's still there, but when I was a kid, the most authentic Japanese dining experience at KL could be found at a restaurant named Daikoku.

  2. rakuzen is known to be one of the good jap restos here. as for daikoku haven't come across it over the internet...maybe it changed name or closed down already.

  3. can i ask..
    does Rakuzen serve in buffet style?

  4. hi melissa, i'm not so sure. i've read that they have buffet but just for a period time. you might wanna call them up and check.