Jun 23, 2009

katre mediterranean cuisine

my short trip back home was packed with mostly errands. i didn't get to try out new places but since i had errands in the tomas morato area i thought of katre. b and i have been having misses on our food trips and i was hoping that this one will be different.

for starters we had, fried oysters (PHP 180). lightly breaded oysters deep fried to perfection. a bit oily but still good. served with beets-wasabi puree, honey mustard and chermoulah and harrisa garnished with fried onions. chermoulah is the pesto like dressing and harrisa is made of chilli peppers. liked this one. a good start for this meal.

we then ordered roast chicken with creamy pesto pasta (PHP 285). a well executed dish, flavorful and moist chicken. creamy but not too rich pasta...perfectly done if you ask me. i liked the crisp snowpeas which gave a contrast of textures.

we also got navarin of lamb with couscous (PHP 395). lamb stewed with morrocan spices and of course my favorite couscous. nice to eat a perfectly cooked couscous since i have been overcooking my couscous back in kl...stopped following the box directions hehe. anyway, back to the dish - tender and flavorful chunks of lamb with no gamey aftertaste.loved it!

and as if the perfect dishes were not enough, the house green tea with aloe was also good. it has hints of pandan and strips of aloe similar to gulaman. it was a great meal and we were happy with it. and to top it all, the total cost was a little over a thousand only. i highly recommend this place =). do take note that they have broken time so either come in during lunch or dinner time.

dr. lazcano cor. tomas morato
quezon city


  1. this place always serve great food.

  2. seems like it...i haven't seen any bad review on it

  3. not really sure if my comment was posted kasi nagkamali ata ako ng password.. hehe! but I'll add you up in my blogroll.

    And also, your post remind me to look for my katre food pix :) sarap neto.. woohoo!

  4. sure. thanks. i think none of your previous comments got posted hehe. yeah like what goodfor2 said, they always serve good food.