Jun 30, 2009

i love mochi!!!

ever since i've learned about dezato mochi balls, i wanted to try them even though i am not a chocolate lover. last year i went to the baker's dozen in rockwell just to get these, but failed to find their booth.

eventually, they opened a cafe in new manila but still failed to try it. having an hour window to get dessert before my next appointment, i dragged b from tomas morato to hemady st. which is pretty close by. from tomas morato turn right to e. rodriguez, and then turn right at dona hemady where the first stoplight is. then you will see dezato cafe on the right side. but park on the left side since there's a one side parking rule. you'll get overwhelmed since the road is pretty wide.

got a sampler first of bite size pieces which is actually good for two or more bites to check which are the good ones. i actually liked them all =) there's milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut, green tea and white chocolate with walnut. all are my favorites well except for the white chocolate which is was not too fond of considering i love white chocolate.

all are dusted with cocoa except for green tea and the white chocolate which is covered with walnut. they are freshly made so you need to wait for a while for your orders to get ready but i think it's worth the wait. i asked them if we could refrigerate it and they said it will harden but you can soften it by bringing it out of the ref before eating them. so i was thinking that chilling would totally ruin the texture and consistency of the sticky rice. but no! after having it overnight in the ref, the mochi balls are still of the same consistency, the only thing that hardened was the filling. but still, the filling was good creamy and rich even though they've become solid in state. the green tea however tops my list because it's like white chocolate with hints of green tea... if you've eaten those mozart chocolate balls it's similar to the filling inside. really it's unbelievably good....you guys ought to try them i only remember the bite size price which is 65PHP for 4 pieces.


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