Jul 11, 2010

pj: william's mamak

mamaks are basically food stalls that serve daily food fare in malaysia like teh tarik, roti canai, mee goreng, nasi goreng, etc. but william's is different, they serve western cuisine and traditional food fare served with a twist like naan with mozzarella cheese.

my friend has been raving about this that one night we decided to go. it's not in kl but in pj (petaling jaya) adjacent to kl. william's opens at 6pm onwards, usually mamak stalls are open 24 hrs. so off we go, the place was packed all the road side tables were full but we managed to find a spot. there's just several blackboards where you can see the menu and that's it. so here's what we got.

ribena lychee for drinks. this is famous here so we tried it, the mug is huge this is for two people. we actually saw them putting one can of lychee in one mug, that's how huge this was.

for pasta we got two choices.

seafood with olive oil pasta - very huge serving with lotsa seafood. not a true aglio y oglio if you know what i mean. do you see the sauce in this? too much liquid. surprisingly the arugula i very hate is not too peppery in this one so i liked it. nothing to rave about this is so so.

penne arrabiata special - we couldn't really understand the waiter so we just said yes. i wanted a true blue arrabiata that night...canned tomatoes...fresh basil..pepperoncino and here's what we got. a penne that doesn't have ridges and probably is a generic brand that's why it lacks the "bite", the sauce tastes like the tomato sos here which is the bottled ketchup, the pepperoncino was replaced by bell pepper but served with huge meatballs and beef milanese. totally dismal. i think we were just forced to it eat because it was such a waste.

the only saving grace to this meal was the mozzarella naan which was love. unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of that. the servings are huge no doubt about that perfect for groups and i could totally see why this is a favorite after gimik hangout. probably at around 3am after going to the bars people would want food other than the typical mamak fare and william's would definitely give you other options. but for an italian craving...i would never go back to this place. yes, the servings are huge but the price is similar to other fine dining italian restos and you'd get better quality so why sacrifice that. still an interesting place to eat at. i'd go back for the ginormous ribena lychee and some mozzarella naan.

ss 26/9
taman mayang, petaling jaya
at the back of the shoplots across the kelana kaya lrt station