Jan 26, 2015

2014 eats

i've been a bad foodie. i actually didn't post all my european eats because i didn't take pictures as i thought they weren't post worthy. gheez i didn't post my milan eats! let me check if i have photos to share.

anyway, on top the eu eats i never posted anything from 2014 which was still quite a handful. i'll try to post them as soon as possible.

Jan 7, 2015

paris: le comptoir du relais

saved the best for last. for my best meal in europe i'm torn between this and trattoria zaza. i cannot forget the simple pasta dishes i had in florence and truffles really makes my palate super happy, but foie gras is love too. so let's just say this is my best parisian meal.

i made sure we made it to le comptoir du relais before lunch time because the lines could get horrific. i was only set on two items and the rest were just random choices.

foie gras toast (13E) - oh this is love. i love foie gras. the salt and jam/jelly on top made this entire dish a party in my palate. love love love.

terrine boudin (12E)- don't know what happened to me but i suddenly had a craving for this. i simply cannot forget jinlovestoeat post on this and was happy that le comptoir had it on their menu as well.

salade nicoise (13E) for my healthy mom...though this doesn't pass with all the beans and anchovy that have high uric acid. but i digress, this was mighty flavorful thanks to the anchovies, i liked it.

daube joue de boeuf (18E) - one of their bestsellers is this beef cheeks stew. though it was melts in your mouth tender, i felt that it lacks a certain oomph. so i had to agree with my dad that this was nothing extraordinary.

pied de porc (19E) - pardon the photo i forgot to rotate the mash so the spoon won't block the pied de porc. if you like soft mushy mashed potato then this one is for you. it depends on my mood but i normally like the heavier mashed potato and not something that is practically runny. the pied de porc is not the typical fried pork trotters. this one was made into a terrine and then deep fried. the pork cubes were a tad too small and maybe that's why i felt that the pork was overly seasoned with the herbs.

we came a couple of minutes before the opening time and there was already a line. i don't know if my experience was mind blowing enough. but i would like to try l'avant comptoir next door which is their version of a tapas bar, i think they have more interesting dishes :).

le comptoir du relais
6 carrefour de l'Odeon

paris: angelina

angelina is synonymous to hot chocolate. well, that's what they are known for. for chocolate lovers this is probably heaven. we were at the chateau versailles and suddenly felt the need to get a mid morning snack.

tried their famous hot choco. maybe it's just me and i don't like hot chocolate but there's really nothing special. it was just a rich hot choco. i'd rather have mcdonald's hot chocolate :D. 

i think this was chicken caesar salade baguette. gheez i forgot. remind yourself that sandwiches in paris are huge and one can easily feed two people. but we bought 3!!! one for each...had them for lunch at the tuileries because we couldn't finish them at the versailles.

i think that angelina, is a parisian icon and you must try it if you love hot chocolate. i wish i was able to try their pastries which they are also known for. they have branches at famous tourist spots like across the louvre and 2 locations in chateau versailles if i'm not mistaken.  angelina and i are not yet over, i have yet to try her pastries =).

chateau versailles