Nov 26, 2007


wagamama is on my list of places to eat at here in birmingham. unfortunately, the dish i ordered did not wow me. fell short of expectations with this chain which appears to be almost everywhere except in manila. i should have ordered something else but i already made up my mind on the ramen before going there. here is my seafood ramen.

c loved his chicken katsu curry below.

my boss's chahan.

and the coke christmas edition.

the food items of wagamama are the same as the ones at one of the booths at the selfridge food hall where we ate a couple of weeks ago. the selfridge stuff are far better which surprised me since you don't expect food hall food to be so much better. anyway, i'd rather eat at selfridge even if the ambiance is not that great.

the bullring

Nov 25, 2007

the lamb fanatic

i am such a lamb fanatic. this is the only meat i am willing to break my blood type diet for. yesterday, i realized i still have to cook myself a meal or two before moving out of my apartment to a hotel without any cooking provisions (i am so looking forward to my subway diet).

so yesterday, i got myself some lamb chops. marinated it with my mom's great bbq marinade. so here it is. baked lamb chops. got myself some mac and cheese from marks as well. yes, marks actually sells the best food to go and contrary to popular belief m&s is still considered expensive here.

Nov 24, 2007

pareng ben and jerry

i love ben and jerry's. i was excited to find out they have it here. unfortunately the by the scoop counter seems to be too pricey for me. luckily, tesco sells them in pints. i had some ice cream craving today despite the uber cold weather so i got one.

here is my ben and jerry's strawberry cheesecake.

apparently it's frozen yogurt and not ice cream. still a good treat even on a cold night. i added some fresh strawberries from the fridge.

Nov 20, 2007

healthy birmingham finds

my healthy finds kuno in birmingham. these are my organic and healthy food stuff here. consuming everything before we move to a hotel (no more cooking then).

my probiotic fix. sarap, consistency is thin. unlike nestle's yogurt drink.

blood type diet savior. turkey sandwich forever.

this one is so so...the taiwanese veggie sausage is way much better.

bad tofu! grainy and all that.

so so. the stuffing aint that nice it's like marzapan.

my pasta source.

my sandwich essential.

Nov 13, 2007

chicken alfredo

contrary to what everyone might think. i haven't cooked a decent meal here in birmingham. my pasta dishes are mediocre like the scampi and sausage pastas i whipped up a couple of weeks ago. this is the most tedious meal i have cooked by far.

cooked with creme fraiche which apparently is sour cream like, fresh button mushrooms, flat leaf parsley which tastes like the curly parsley and nothing like kinchay. this dish reminds me of r who whipped herself some non pork carbonara a couple of weeks ago. anyway, here it is.