Nov 24, 2007

pareng ben and jerry

i love ben and jerry's. i was excited to find out they have it here. unfortunately the by the scoop counter seems to be too pricey for me. luckily, tesco sells them in pints. i had some ice cream craving today despite the uber cold weather so i got one.

here is my ben and jerry's strawberry cheesecake.

apparently it's frozen yogurt and not ice cream. still a good treat even on a cold night. i added some fresh strawberries from the fridge.


  1. love ben and jerrys, love the story on how they started out.. galing..

  2. u8mypinkcookies9:12 PM

    I love it too!! Good thing S&R sells Ben and Jerry's ice cream! Love CHUNKY MONKEY and KARAMEL SUTRA!

  3. karamel sutra is my favorite!