May 27, 2014

amsterdam: dutch treats

i went on an eu holiday, but please do not keep your hopes up, i failed miserably in the culinary front but let's not dwell on that.

i don't think the dutch people are famous for food but there are famous dutch treats and here's two.

poffertjes are small/mini pancakes. traditionally sold with icing sugar and butter which is what i had but you can have nutella or other toppings. surprisingly the icing sugar was not that sweet but i didn't enjoy them as they were gummy in texture. it reminded me of sidewalk pancakes being sold in pinas. btw, pancakes are a dutch thing think french crepes you can have them savory or sweet but unfortunately didn't get to try one.

the stroopwafel maker

stroopwafels are probably the most famous dutch treat. i used to hate it until a colleague from NL brought over some uber yummy stroopwafels that were oh so buttery. i should have asked him the brand because until now i haven't found anything that matched it. these on the other hand are fresh they are very big compared to the store bought ones. it has a strong cinnamon/spicy flavor which i am not fond of plus the caramel wasn't buttery as well.

another famous treat is herring which i didn't not have the guts to try =). if you wanna try these two and maybe do some shopping, visit the albert cuyp market.

albert cuyp market
amsterdam, netherlands